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Engine developer uruk, dreammaster, strangerke
Companies that used it LK Avalon
Games that use it Sfinx
Date added to ScummVM 2014-08-12
First release containing it 1.8.0

CGE2 was the second iteration of the CGE engine (Common Game Engine), and was used by L.K. Avalon to create Sfinx in 1997.

In 2012, Sfinx was discovered by a ScummVM user. Authorization to translate the game has been granted by the rights holders, and ScummVM has received the sources. Sfinx was implemented in ScummVM by uruk as part of the GSoC 2014 and was translated into English by several ScummVM team members.

Outstanding original bugs

  • When you use non-flying carpet on clothes horse, you are supposed to use tennis racket on it. But when you forget about it, and just take it from the clothes horse, then you can't use the carpet on clothes horse again and cannot complete the game.

Fixed original bugs

  • In the original, if you click on an item which is not usable, sometimes an empty speech bubble appears above the selected hero's head. It's fixed in the ScummVM version.

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