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Engine developer Strangerke
Companies that used it Electronic Arts
Games that use it Escape from Hell
Date added to ScummVM 2022-11-11
First release containing it 2.8.0

The Efh engine was used by Electronic Arts in Escape from Hell, which is a game written from scratch. The game uses a basic scripting mecanism to handle in-game interactions, but pretty much all the rest is hardcoded.

Note that despite several publications stating that the game is uses the same engine as Wasteland, this is inaccurate. While the two games do have a similar art style and gameplay, our developers reverse-engineering the game note that it doesn't bear any commonalities with that game's engine.



  • Only known version supported (English DOS, no demo known)
  • Not fully tested yet
  • Only MCGA graphics mode is supported


Efh on our Bug tracker

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