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Engine developer dreammaster, strangerke
Companies that used it MP Entertainment
Games that use it Hopkins FBI
Date added to ScummVM 2013-02-24
First release containing it 1.6.0

The Hopkins engine was used by MP Entertainment for the game Hopkins FBI, the only game they ever published. The game was released for several different operating systems, and due to a fortunate oversight, debug information (names of variables and methods) was left embedded in most of the applications. This made it much easier to reverse engineer and implement a ScummVM engine.



  • All full and demo versions are completable in English, French and Russian.
  • Windows full version is completable, but the Doom-like maze isn't implemented. Instead, the game draws it's own very basic map screen.
  • Polish and Spanish versions are yet to be tested, because they are not owned by developers
  • A complete test on a BE system is yet to be done. There's a reported glitch on the mouse cursor, when displaying an icon. More tests required.


TODO list

Original bugs fixed

  • In the "Empty Lot", the animation when searching the empty box was corrupted and was crashing the game.
  • In the FBI Lab, a STE opcode was missing, which means the savegames were problematic in the lab.
  • In the factory, the animation when searching the desk was corrupted and crashing the game.
  • The credit file is missing on the CD of the BeOS version, the original executable is exiting with an error.
  • In Samantha's Office and in the factory's surveillance room, several hotspots were erroneously active and displaying a description.
  • The original Russian Win95 version crashed when selected a Push icon.
  • The pathfinding code was mis-using a path instead of another because of a erroneous check
  • During the flight cut-scene, an inverted check was skipping one of the movies
  • (Win95 EN Demo) Sometimes when you press Alt+F4, game gets into infinite loop showing fading Hopkins FBI CD cover image.


Engine repository on github

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