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  • msg.def only exists in DEV7 games, includes also some Functions.
; This file contains the error messages for the loader DEV7
; Error 1000 - 1999  Lib File
; Error 2000 - 2999  Lib Graph
; Error 3000 - 3999  Lib Engine
; Error 4000 - 4999  Lib TTS
; Error 5000 - 5999  Loader - Functions DEV7
; Error 6000 - 6999  Lib Tracker
; Error 7000 - 7999  Loader Linux.
; Gilles's Spirit

Title_0 = MoveRemapPal Text_0 = Obsolete code

Title_1 = Move80_25632k (more_24.c) Text_1 = Obsolete code

Title_2 = Move80_32k32k (more_24.c) Text_2 = Obsolete code

Title_3 = GRpictMoveWIN24 (more_24.c) Text_3 = Obsolete code

Title_4 = GRpictMoveWIN24 (more_24.c) Text_4 = Obsolete code

Title_5 = GRpictMoveWIN24 (more_24.c) Text_5 = Obsolete code

Title_6 = GRpictMoveWIN (more_gr.c) Text_6 = Obsolete code

Title_7 = GRpictMoveDouble (moredbl.c) Text_7 = Obsolete code

Title_8 = GRpictMoveVESA (vesa32.c) Text_8 = Obsolete code

; Lib File

Title_1000 = File Text_1000 = File not found (%s)

Title_1001 = Findfirst Text_1001 = The name file (%s) has more than 31 characters

Title_1002 = Findnext Text_1002 = The name file (%s) has more than 31 characters

Title_1003 = File Cache Text_1003 = Overflow in percentage

Title_1004 = Preload Text_1004 = Read Error

Title_1005 = Function : %s Text_1005 = pointeur 'Handles' NULL

Title_1006 = Function : %s Text_1006 = Handle Invalid

Title_1007 = GXOpenOld Text_1007 = Too much opened files

Title_1008 = GetMem Text_1008 = size>32Mb

Title_1009 = GetMem Text_1009 = size<0

Title_1010 = ReallocMem Text_1010 = size>32Mb

Title_1011 = ReallocMem Text_1011 = size<0

Title_1012 = ReallocMem Text_1012 = pointer already released or invalid

Title_1013 = Release Text_1013 = pointer already released or invalid

Title_1014 = Stk Text_1014 = seek function invalid in a compressed file

Title_1015 = Stk Text_1015 = seek outside file

Title_1016 = Stk Text_1016 = read function invalid in a compressed file

Title_1017 = Stk Text_1017 = write function invalid

Title_1018 = Stk Text_1018 = seek function invalid in a compressed file

Title_1019 = Stk Text_1019 = seek outside file

Title_1020 = Stk Text_1020 = read function invalid in a compressed file

Title_1021 = Stk Text_1021 = write function invalid

Title_1022 = Stk Text_1022 = a double file (%s) in stk (%s)

Title_1023 = Stk Text_1023 = close stk with file (%s) still opened

Title_1024 = Stk Text_1024 = a double file (%s) in stk (%s)

Title_1025 = Stk Text_1025 = close stk with file (%s) still opened

Title_1026 = Virtual Stk Text_1026 = Invalid or not found directory (%s)

Title_1027 = Virtual Stk Text_1027 = a double file (%s) in stk (%s)

Title_1028 = Virtual Stk Text_1028 = close stk with file (%s) still opened

Title_1029 = AddGlobalList Text_1029 = no more stk

Title_1030 = DelSTK Text_1030 = Pointer CSTK not in list

Title_1031 = AddGlobalList Text_1031 = no stk (%s) opened

Title_1032 = stkOpen Text_1032 = The file (%s) was found in two STKs (%s & %s)

Title_1033 = Stk Text_1033 = a double file (%s) in two different stk

Title_1034 = VCDROM Text_1034 = no VCDROM selected

Title_1035 = VCDROM Text_1035 = use <CD> with no VCDROM selected

Title_1036 = MULTICD.INF Text_1036 = name of directory too long

Je vire cette erreur, c'était n'importe quoi (voir VCDRom.cpp) !
Title_1037 = FINDMULTICD
Text_1037 = --> %s

Title_1038 = Stk Text_1038 = %s is an obsolete STK file format. (rebuild requested)

Title_1039 = Stk Text_1039 = Unknown compression method (type -> %d) on sticked file %s.

Title_1040 = FileFonction Text_1040 = The file %s could not be found.

Title_1041 = FileFonction Text_1041 = The directory %s could not be found.

Title_1042 = FileFonction Text_1042 = Could not complete this file operation due to an unknown error.

Title_1043 = stkOpen Text_1043 = Stk (%s) not found

Title_1044 = getmem Text_1044 = Not enough memory to continue (size ask= %ld)

Title_1045 = Release Text_1045 = Try to release a NULL pointer

Title_1046 = Release Text_1046 = Try to release a pointer which was already released by the 'Release' function

Title_1047 = Release Text_1047 = Try to release a pointer which was not allocated with the 'GetMem' or 'ReallocMem' functions

Title_1050 = CFTP Text_1050 = Cannot connect to server %s

Title_1051 = CFTP Text_1051 = General communication failure with server

Title_1052 = CFTP Text_1052 = Send try failed, will try %d time(s) again

Title_1053 = CFTP Text_1053 = Time Out while waiting for a server reply

Title_1054 = stkUnactivate Text_1054 = Try to unactivate a stk which was already desactivated

Title_1055 = stkUnactivate Text_1055 = Try to unactivate a stk which was already desactivated

; Lib Graph

Title_2000 = MultiLoad Text_2000 = Invalid pointer released

Title_2001 = Adapt24.c Text_2001 = Useless mapping (8 bits -> 8 bits)

Title_2002 = Adapt24.c Text_2002 = Unknown mapping (8 bits -> ???)

Title_2003 = Adapt24.c Text_2003 = Forbidden mapping (15 bits -> 8 bits)

Title_2004 = Adapt24.c Text_2004 = Forbidden mapping (15 bits -> 15 bits)

Title_2005 = Adapt24.c Text_2005 = Unknown mapping (15 bits -> 15 ???)

Title_2006 = Adapt24.c Text_2006 = Forbidden mapping (24 bits -> 8 bits)

Title_2007 = Adapt24.c Text_2007 = Useless mapping (24 bits -> 24 bits)

Title_2008 = Adapt24.c Text_2008 = Unknown mapping (24 bits -> ???)

Title_2009 = Adapt24.c Text_2009 = Unknown format of source bitmap (8,15,24 bits expected)

Title_2010 = Adapt24.c Text_2010 = Useless mapping (8 bits -> 8 bits)

Title_2011 = Adapt24.c Text_2011 = Unknown mapping (8 bits -> ???)

Title_2012 = Adapt24.c Text_2012 = Forbidden mapping (15 bits -> 8 bits)

Title_2013 = Adapt24.c Text_2013 = Forbidden mapping (15 bits -> 15 bits)

Title_2014 = Adapt24.c Text_2014 = Unknown mapping (15 bits -> 15 ???)

Title_2015 = Adapt24.c Text_2015 = Forbidden mapping (24 bits -> 8 bits)

Title_2016 = Adapt24.c Text_2016 = Useless mapping (24 bits -> 24 bits)

Title_2017 = Adapt24.c Text_2017 = Unknown mapping (24 bits -> ???)

Title_2018 = Adapt24.c Text_2018 = Unknown format of source bitmap (8,15,24 bits expected)

Title_2019 = SetVideo Text_2019 = Video mode not supported

Title_2020 = FreeBitmap Text_2020 = Release of a bitmap which is used in a zone, a screen, a backpatern or a movie

Title_2021 = LoadImage Text_2021 = File not found (%s)

Title_2022 = LoadImage Text_2022 = Format not supported or file corrupted (%s)

Title_2023 = StartLoading Text_2023 = VMD Data no more supported

Title_2024 = Message removed Text_2024 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2025 = Message removed Text_2025 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2026 = Message removed Text_2026 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2027 = Message removed Text_2027 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2028 = Message removed Text_2028 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2029 = Message removed Text_2029 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2030 = Message removed Text_2030 = Please, contact the system team

Title_2031 = Unsupported operation Text_2031 = Function '%s()' does not support %d bits bitmaps target

Title_2032 = Bitmap Move/Copy/Blend Text_2032 = Bit block transfer %s bits -> %s bits not implemented

Title_2033 = GRpictMoveDoubleSize Text_2033 = Move 24 bits -> 8 or 15 bits not implemented

Title_2034 = GRpictMoveDoubleSize Text_2034 = Move 15 bits -> 8 or 24 bits not implemented

Title_2035 = GRpictMoveDoubleSize Text_2035 = Move 8 bits -> 15 or 24 bits not implemented

Title_2036 = GRpictMoveMain Text_2036 = Mode (0x%X) not managed

Title_2037 = GRpictMoveHSym Text_2037 = Move HSYM %d bits -> %d bits not implemented

Title_2038 = MakeTGA Text_2038 = can't create the file (%s)

Title_2039 = MakeTGA Text_2039 = Palette 0 in file (%s)

Title_2040 = MakeTGA Text_2040 = Only 15 bits formet is managed

Title_2041 = GRdispcharWin Text_2041 = we don't must copy characters directly on the screen!

Title_2042 = GRdispcharRGB Text_2042 = we don't must copy characters directly on the screen!

Title_2043 = Startsound Text_2043 = nbr>1 ou nbr<0

Title_2043 = GSstartSoundII Text_2043 = nbr>1 ou nbr<0

Title_2044 = GetZone Text_2044 = Unknown type of zone

Title_2045 = InitGraph Text_2045 = Unknown video mode

Title_2046 = WINsetVideoMode Text_2046 = Unknown video mode

Title_2047 = InitMusic Text_2047 = Old format of background music not supported

Title_2048 = GRpictCopy Text_2048 = Non homogeneous bitmaps copy not supported

Title_2049 = GetIMDTac Text_2049 = The version %d of TAC data bloc (USD) is not supported

Title_2050 = GetIMDTextInfo Text_2050 = The version %d of TEXTINFO data bloc (USD) is not supported

Title_2051 = GRdispCharRGB Text_2051 = It's not recomended to draw fonts with an alpha channel on 8 bits bitmaps

Title_2052 = LoadImage Text_2052 = IMG file format has been changed ! please rebuild the IMG file. (%s)

Title_2053 = OpenVmd Text_2053 = (%s) is not a VMD file or is corrupted.

Title_2054 = zoneCreate Text_2054 = Zones cannot have a negative size. (LxH = %dx%d)

Title_2055 = zoneAddRect Text_2055 = Zones cannot have a negative size. (LxH = %dx%d)

Title_2056 = InitLHCodec Text_2056 = Incorrect L&H codec ident.

Title_2057 = InitLHCodec Text_2057 = L&H codec %s not found.

Title_2058 = %s Text_2058 = The bitmap cannot be the back buffer bitmap or a VRAM bitmap.

Title_2059 = %s Text_2059 = The bitmap cannot be a back buffer bitmap.

; Lib Engine2

Title_3000 = Variable Text_3000 = %s : objNull.

Title_3001 = Variable Text_3001 = Variable '%s' is not defined in OBC '%s'.

Title_3003 = Variable Text_3003 = Variable '%s' is not an exported in OBC '%s'.

Title_3004 = Type mismatched Text_3004 = %s : obj expected but found %s.

Title_3005 = Function Text_3005 = Function '%s' is not exported in OBC '%s'.

Title_3006 = Function Text_3006 = Function '%s' is not defined in OBC '%s'.

Title_3007 = Variable Text_3007 = %s : variable is read only or is a 'in' parameter.

Title_3008 = Type mismatched Text_3008 = %s : minus sign cannot be applied on %s variable.

Title_3009 = Type mismatched Text_3009 = %s : operator not() cannot be applied on %s variable.

Title_3010 = Type mismatched Text_3010 = %s : boolean or numeric variable is expected but found %s.

Title_3011 = Type mismatched Text_3011 = %s : operator + (plus) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3012 = Type mismatched Text_3012 = %s : operator - (minus) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3013 = Type mismatched Text_3013 = %s : operator * (multiplication) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3014 = Type mismatched Text_3014 = %s : operator / (division) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3015 = Division by zero Text_3015 = %s : Division by zero.

Title_3016 = Type mismatched Text_3016 = %s : operator ^ (power) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3017 = Type mismatched Text_3017 = %s : operator == (equality) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3018 = Type mismatched Text_3018 = %s : operator <> (not equal) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3019 = Type mismatched Text_3019 = %s : operator >= (greater or equal) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3020 = Type mismatched Text_3020 = %s : operator > (greater) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3021 = Type mismatched Text_3021 = %s : operator <= (less or equal) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3022 = Type mismatched Text_3022 = %s : operator < (less) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3023 = Type mismatched Text_3023 = %s : operator OR (boolean OR) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3024 = Type mismatched Text_3024 = %s : operator AND (boolean AND) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3025 = Type mismatched Text_3025 = %s : operator XOR (boolean XOR) applied on %s and %s variable.

Title_3026 = Type mismatched Text_3026 = %s : integer variable expected but found %s variable.

Title_3027 = Type mismatched Text_3027 = %s : string variable expected but found %s variable.

Title_3028 = Type mismatched Text_3028 = %s : real variable expected but found %s variable.

Title_3029 = Type mismatched Text_3029 = %s : obj variable expected but found %s variable.

Title_3030 = Type mismatched Text_3030 = %s : ident variable expected but found %s variable.

Title_3031 = Array expected Text_3031 = %s : is not an array.

Title_3032 = obcRelease Text_3032 = obcRelease on unloaded (by calling obcLoad system function) OBC '%s'.

Title_3033 = OBC loading Text_3033 = Fail in loading OBC '%s' file.

Title_3034 = OBC loading Text_3034 = Fail in loading OBC '%s' file (father of OBC '%s').

Title_3035 = OBC loading Text_3035 = Unsupported OBC version %lu.%lu (supported versions are equal or less than %lu.%lu).

Title_3036 = Type mismatched Text_3036 = %s : array index must be integer (instead of %s).

Title_3037 = Array index out of range Text_3037 = %s : array index out of range (index value=%lu, index range=[1..%lu]).

Title_3038 = Function call Text_3038 = Parameters missing on function '%s' call (required=%lu, supplied=%lu).

Title_3039 = Function call Text_3039 = To many parameters supplied on function '%s' call (required=%lu, supplied=%lu).

Title_3040 = Function call Text_3040 = Parameter %lu must be out (function '%s' call).

Title_3041 = Function call Text_3041 = Type mismatched for parameter %lu (function '%s' call).

Title_3042 = Function call Text_3042 = Array expected for parameter %lu (function '%s' call).

Title_3043 = Function call Text_3043 = Unmatched array dimension for parameter %lu (function '%s' call).

Title_3044 = Array affectation Text_3044 = %s : array affectation is not allowed.

Title_3045 = Type mismatched Text_3045 = %s : affectation from %s to %s variable is not allowed.

Title_3046 = OBC Text_3046 = Function '%s::%s' should be exported: it is used as dynamic call (son call).

Title_3047 = OBC Text_3047 = OBC '%s' uses the inherited function '%s' which is not exported.

Title_3048 = OBC Text_3048 = Invalid PCODE 0x%x in OBC '%s'.

Title_3049 = obj Text_3049 = undestroyed obj found (OBC='%s').

Title_3050 = obj Text_3050 = objDestroy called on obj already destroyed (OBC='%s').

Title_3051 = Variable Text_3051 = OBC '%s' uses the inherited variable '%s' which is not exported.

Title_3052 = Call Function Text_3052 = Exported function (%s) not found in (%s)

Title_3053 = ident Text_3053 = Destroy ident type (%s) with ressource not destroyed

Title_3054 = Array use Text_3054 = Unmatched array dimension for parameter.

Title_3055 = obcLoad/obcRelease Text_3055 = Unreleased OBC '%s'.

Title_3056 = variable Text_3056 = %s: variable references an already destroyed obj (OBC='%s').

Title_3058 = Call Function Text_3058 = Call function '%s::%s' of destroyed obj.

Title_3059 = Type mismatched Text_3059 = %s : operator 'dot' (dot product) applied on %s and %s variable.

; internal errors

Title_3500 = Internal error Text_3500 = Call stack: Stack underflow.

Title_3501 = Internal error Text_3501 = Data stack: Invalid SetBP value (value=%lu, Stack size=%lu).

Title_3502 = Internal error Text_3502 = Data stack: Stack underflow (on Pop).

Title_3503 = Internal error Text_3503 = Data stack: Invalid stack index or stack underflow (on Get).

Title_3504 = Internal error Text_3504 = Data stack: Invalid local variable index.

Title_3505 = Internal error Text_3505 = Invalid IDT (variable) index.

Title_3506 = Internal error Text_3506 = IDT (variable) missing.

Title_3507 = Internal error Text_3507 = Invalid IDT (function) index.

Title_3508 = Internal error Text_3508 = IDT (function) missing.

Title_3509 = Internal error Text_3509 = Undefined function n° '%lu' in OBC '%s'.

Title_3510 = Internal error Text_3510 = Undefined variable '%s' in OBC '%s'.

Title_3511 = Internal error Text_3511 = %s : invalid array index %lu.

Title_3512 = Internal error Text_3512 = Too much DecObcLoadRef() calls in OBC '%s'.

Title_3513 = Internal error Text_3513 = invalid variable identifier table (%lu).

Title_3514 = Internal error Text_3514 = invalid function identifier table (%lu).

Title_3515 = Internal error Text_3515 = Ident counter underflow (ident type: %s).

Title_3516 = Internal error Text_3516 = Error on getting 'Context for callback on the current OBJ': no OBJ is executed.

; Lib TTS

Title_4000 = TTSInit Text_4000 = OLE already initialized

Title_4001 = TTSInit Text_4001 = OLE Init failed

Title_4002 = TTSClose Text_4002 = OLE not initialized

Title_4003 = TTS Text_4003 = TTS voice not found

Title_4004 = TTS Text_4004 = TTS engine not found

; Loader

Title_5000 = Call Function Text_5000 = %s : Error parameter %d incorrect value (%d)

Title_5001 = Call Function Text_5001 = %s : Error parameter %d incorrect value (%e)

Title_5002 = Call Function Text_5002 = %s : Error parameter %d incorrect value (%s)

Title_5003 = Call Function

Text_5003 = %s
Error parameter %d type ident expected %s type ident found %s

Text_5003 = %s : Error type ident expected %s type ident found %s

Title_5004 = Page Error Text_5004 = Page (%s) error (%d)

Title_5005 = Dev7VM Init Text_5005 = Could not find the VCDROM '%s'

Title_5006 = Dev7VM Init Text_5006 = Could not find the VSTK '%s'

Title_5007 = Dev7VM Init Text_5007 = Could not find the Path '%s'

Title_5008 = Call Function System Text_5008 = System function invalid (number %d)

Title_5009 = listPopFront Text_5009 = Empty list

Title_5010 = fileGetSize Text_5010 = File not found (%s)

Title_5011 = bmpDestroy Text_5011 = Can't destroy a bitmap get by vmdGetBmp

Title_5012 = bmpLoadPicture Text_5012 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5013 = bmpMove Text_5013 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5014 = bmpBlend Text_5014 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5015 = bmpStrech Text_5015 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5016 = bmpFillPattern Text_5016 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5017 = bmpFill Text_5017 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5018 = bmpDrawText Text_5018 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5019 = bmpDrawLine Text_5019 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5020 = bmpDrawCircle Text_5020 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5021 = bmpDrawArc Text_5021 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5022 = bmpMoveAlpha Text_5022 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5023 = bmpBlendAlpha Text_5023 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5024 = bmpFillAlpha Text_5024 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5025 = listPopBack Text_5025 = Empty list

Title_5026 = listGetFront Text_5026 = Empty list

Title_5027 = listGetBack Text_5027 = Empty list

Title_5028 = listDoForEach Text_5028 = Null element in the list

Title_5029 = listDoForEach Text_5029 = Function not found

Title_5030 = rctGet Text_5030 = Text not found NAME=%s SECTION=%s KEY=%s in %s

Title_5031 = real2long Text_5031 = Error conversion realtolong value = %f

Title_5032 = zoneSetHandler Text_5032 = Function handler not found

Title_5033 = curDestroy Text_5033 = The cursor is currently used

Title_5034 = streamWrite Text_5034 = Overflow in the stream

Title_5035 = streamWrite Text_5035 = Invalid type

Title_5036 = streamRead Text_5036 = Overflow in the stream

Title_5037 = streamRead Text_5037 = Invalid type

Title_5038 = streamWriteFixedString Text_5038 = Overflow in the stream

Title_5039 = streamWriteFixedString Text_5039 = Invalid type

Title_5040 = streamReadFixedString Text_5040 = Overflow in the stream

Title_5041 = streamReadFixedString Text_5041 = Invalid type

Title_5042 = streamWriteFromFile Text_5042 = File not found (%s)

Title_5043 = streamWriteFromFile Text_5043 = Overflow in the stream

Title_5044 = streamReadToFile Text_5044 = Empty stream

Title_5045 = streamReadToFile Text_5045 = Overflow in the stream

Title_5046 = streamReadToFile Text_5046 = Invalid value of FileOffset (%d) < 1

Title_5047 = streamReadToFile Text_5047 = Can't create the file (%s)

Title_5048 = streamReadToFile Text_5048 = Warning! FileOffset (%d) > 0 with a file no created (%s)

Title_5049 = streamReadToFile Text_5049 = Warning! FileOffset (%d) too big / size (%d) of file (%s)

Title_5050 = KeyHandler Text_5050 = a key handler should return a value (long)

Title_5051 = VmdOpen Text_5051 = Vmd (%s) not found

Title_5052 = curMoveSetHandler Text_5052 = Handler (%s) not found

Title_5053 = Special Text_5053 = User break

Title_5054 = bmpChangeAlphaValue Text_5054 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5055 = bmpCopyPattern Text_5055 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

Title_5056 = iterCreate Text_5056 = Try to create an iterator on a list which was not created

Title_5057 = iter Function Text_5057 = Try to use a function on a NULL iterator

Title_5058 = dbCloseBase Text_5058 = Could not close the base %s because this tables are already opened : %s

Title_5059 = iniWriteString Text_5059 = Could not write in a .ini which is in a STK !

Title_5060 = bmpSetPixel Text_5060 = Unable to set the pixel value for a 256 colors bitmap. Use the bmp256SetPixel() and bmp256SetColor() functions.

Title_5061 = bmpGetPixel Text_5061 = Unable to get the pixel value for a 256 colors bitmap. Use the bmp256GetPixel() and bmp256GetColor() functions.

Title_5062 = bmp256SetPixel/bmp256SetColor Text_5062 = Unable to set the pixel value for a non paletized bitmap. Use the bmpSetPixel() function.

Title_5063 = bmp256GetPixel/bmp256GetColor Text_5063 = Unable to get the pixel value for a non paletized bitmap. Use the bmpGetPixel() function.

Title_5064 = bmp256CopyPalette Text_5064 = Unable to copy the palette between different bitmap depth.

Title_5065 = iter Function Text_5065 = Try to use a function on an iterator whose list or map was destroyed

Title_5066 = iter Function Text_5066 = Try to use a function on an iterator which points on an element which were destroyed (by a listPopFront, listPopBack, mapRemove or iterRemove)

Title_5067 = mapDoForEach Text_5067 = Null element in the map

Title_5068 = mapDoForEach Text_5068 = Function not found

Title_5069 = bmpStrech Text_5069 = Alpha channel will be ignored during the stretching operation

Title_5070 = CloseLibIni Text_5070 = The file %s loaded with the function iniLoadFileInCache was not released (use the function iniReleaseFileFromCache).

Title_5071 = aliasCreateIdent Text_5071 = The alias "%s" already exists. (alias not changed).

Title_5072 = aliasCreateObj Text_5072 = The alias "%s" already exists. (alias not changed).

Title_5073 = exitDispatchEvents Text_5073 = Two successive calls to exitDispatchEvents has been encountered... The second call will have no effect.

Title_5074 = sysXXXPath Text_5074 = Could not find the Path '%s'.

Title_5075 = prohibitedoperation Text_5075 = prohibited operation made on list / map while a listDoForEach / mapDoForEach is running...

Title_5076 = iterRemove Text_5076 = The iterator whose you want to remove the element is at the end of the list or map.

Title_5077 = soundSave Text_5077 = Bad audio source or initialization missing

Title_5078 = soundSave Text_5078 = Out of memory

Title_5079 = soundSave Text_5079 = L&H codec not found or not initialized

Title_5080 = soundSave Text_5080 = Unable to create the file (%s)

Title_5081 = soundSave Text_5081 = Unable to write into the file (%s)

Title_5082 = soundSave Text_5082 = Incompatible options (ie. ADPCM and 11025 Hz)

Title_5083 = soundSave Text_5083 = Invalid parameter

Title_5084 = soundSave Text_5084 = Not yet implemented !

Title_5085 = soundSave Text_5085 = Unknown error (sorry)

Title_5086 = BmpRotate Text_5086 = Can't write in a readonly bitmap

;for differences of bpps

Title_5087 = BmpRotate Text_5087 = Source and destination don't have the same bit depth. Unable to enter into the function

;for differences of alpha mode in 15bits color depth

Title_5088 = BmpRotate Text_5088 = Source and destination aren't in the same alpha mode. Unable to enter into the function

24Bits not supported

Title_5089 = BmpRotate Text_5089 = grMode16M not supported


Title_5090 = BmpRotate Text_5090 = Source and destination don't have the same alpha properties

Title_5091 = iniXX Text_5091 = The ini file '%s' couldn't be found or created. Check that your path exists and that you have the rights to write in this path.

Title_5092 = iniXX Text_5092 = The ini file '%s' couldn't be found.

Title_5093 = iniReleaseFileFromCache Text_5093 = The ini file '%s' was not in cache.

Title_5094 = Alias Clearing Text_5094 = The alias "%s" has not been destroyed.

;Gestion sonore

Title_5100 = soundCreateFromFile Text_5100 = Can't get sound from file %s! Title_5101 = soundPlay Text_5101 = Fixed play failed! Title_5102 = soundPlay Text_5102 = No more dry track! Title_5102 = soundPlay Text_5102 = Unfixed play failed! Title_5103 = effectsBoxAddEffect Text_5103 = No more dry track! Title_5104 = effectsBoxAddEffect Text_5104 = Can't add effect to track! Title_5105 = effectsBoxSetPitch Text_5105 = Invalid Pitch (<=0)! Title_5106 = effectsBoxSetPitch Text_5106 = No more dry track! Title_5107 = effectsBoxSetPitch Text_5107 = Can't set pitch! Title_5108 = effectsBoxRemoveEffect Text_5108 = effectsBox has no effect! Title_5109 = effectsBoxRemoveEffect Text_5109 = Can't remove effect! Title_5110 = effectsBoxSwitchEffect Text_5110 = No effect in effectsBox! Title_5111 = effectsBoxSwitchEffect Text_5111 = Can't switch effect on! Title_5112 = effectsBoxSwitchEffect Text_5112 = Can't switch effect off! Title_5113 = effectsBoxSwitchDryOutput Text_5113 = No effect in effectsBox! Title_5114 = effectsBoxSwitchDryOutput Text_5114 = Can't switch dry output on! Title_5115 = effectsBoxSwitchDryOutput Text_5115 = Can't switch dry output off! Title_5116 = effectsBoxAdjustEffect Text_5116 = effectsBox has no effect! Title_5117 = effectsBoxAdjustEffect Text_5117 = Effect not found! Title_5118 = effectsBoxAdjustEffect Text_5118 = Adjust failed! Title_5119 = effectsBoxAdjustEffect Text_5119 = Unrecognized command %s! Title_5120 = effectsBoxAdjustEffect Text_5120 = Value must be long! Title_5121 = effectsBoxAdjustEffect Text_5121 = Unknown LFO type! Title_5122 = modPlayerCreate Text_5122 = Failed to create ModPlayer! Title_5123 = modPlayerDestroy Text_5123 = Failed to destroy ModPlayer! Title_5124 = modPlayerApplyEffectsBox Text_5124 = Failed to apply EffectsBox! Title_5125 = modPlayerRemoveEffectsBox Text_5125 = Failed to remove EffectsBox! Title_5126 = modPlayerAddSound Text_5126 = Failed to add Sound! Title_5127 = modPlayerRemoveSound Text_5127 = Failed to remove Sound! Title_5128 = modPlayerPlay Text_5128 = Start failed! Title_5129 = effectsBoxDestroy Text_5129 = Can't destroy EffectsBox that has linked vmd! EffectsBox not destroyed! Title_5130 = soundDestroy Text_5130 = Can't destroy Sound used in ModPlayer! Sound not destroyed! Title_5131 = soundDestroy Text_5131 = Can't destroy playing or paused Sound! Sound not destroyed!


Title_5200 = netLoadIP Text_5200 = Can't load IP library!

Title_5201 = netOpenIPConnection Text_5201 = Can't crate socket, or socket already opened!

Title_5202 = netOpenIPConnection Text_5202 = Can't create connection object!

Title_5203 = AcceptCallBack Text_5203 = Can't Find concerned connection object!

Title_5204 = AcceptCallBack Text_5204 = Connection has Failed!

Title_5205 = ReceiveCallBack Text_5205 = Bad Data received!

Title_5206 = ReceiveCallBack Text_5206 = Connection is Down!

Title_5207 = netOpenIPPort Text_5207 = Can't open Port, or Port already opened!

Title_5208 = rqstSend Text_5208 = No request CallBack specified for this connection!

Title_5209 = netReleaseIP Text_5209 = Can't release IP library!

Title_5210 = AcceptCallBack Text_5210 = Windows sockets couldn't find the host information!

Title_5211 = rqstSend Text_5211 = try to send a request on a closed connection!

Title_5212 = net/rsqt function Text_5212 = the net library is not inited (call netLoadIp)

;3D Func.

Title_5300 = viewCreate Text_5300 = Error! The bitmap passed to the view has not a compatible pixel format.

Title_5301 = ????GetParent Text_5301 = Internal Error! Failed to retrieve the parent ClassId.

Title_5302 = ????SetParent Text_5302 = Error! You didn't pass a valid 3D ident.

Title_5303 = viewSetWarpMode Text_5303 = Error! You didn't pass a valid warp mode.

Title_5304 = lightCreate Text_5304 = Error! You didn't pass a valid light type.

Title_5305 = lightGetType Text_5305 = Internal Error! Failed to retrieve the light ClassId.

Title_5306 = viewSetWarp Text_5306 = Error! A bitmap if the warp has not a compatible pixel format.

Title_5307 = warpCreate Text_5307 = Error! A bitmap passed to the warp has not a compatible pitch.

Title_5308 = warpDestroy Text_5308 = Error! Can't destroy this warp. It is used by the view named '%s'.

Title_5309 = objectAddMorphTarget Text_5309 = Internal Error! Can't find Scene3D of ObjectNode3D %s

Title_5310 = objectAddMorphTarget Text_5310 = Error! Mesh %s is not compatible to morph with mesh %s

Title_5311 = objectAddMorphTarget Text_5311 = Error! Can not do morphing on Dummy object

Title_5312 = objectSetMorphAmount Text_5312 = Error! Morph index %d does not exist on object %s

Title_5313 = 3D Point Access... Text_5313 = Error! This is not a valid array of 3 reals

Title_5314 = 3D Rotation Access... Text_5314 = Error! This is not a valid array of 4 reals

Title_5315 = 3D Character Access... Text_5315 = Error! This is only an Animator, but not a Character.

Title_5316 = animDestroy Text_5316 = Error! This animation is still linked to an animator. You can't destroy it !

Title_5317 = obj3DDuplicate Text_5317 = Error! an object named '%s' already exists in the scene

Title_5318 = lightCreate Text_5318 = Error! a light named '%s' already exists in the scene

Title_5319 = cameraCreate Text_5319 = Error! a camera named '%s' already exists in the scene

Title_5320 = materialCreate Text_5320 = Error! a material named '%s' already exists in the world

Title_5321 = viewDestroy Text_5321 = Error! Can't destroy this view. There is still Zones on it.

Title_5322 = zoneAddObj3D Text_5322 = Error! You can not add an Obj3D to a zone that was not created with zoneCreateFromView

Title_5323 = zoneAddWarpRect Text_5323 = Error! You can not add a warp Rect to a zone that was not created with zoneCreateFromWarp

Title_5324 = obj3DGetMaterial Text_5324 = Error! Material index out of range

Title_5325 = viewSetBgBmp Text_5325 = Error! A bitmap passed to the view has not a compatible pixel format.

Title_5326 = characterSetAnimMode Text_5326 = Error! You are trying to use an unknown character animation mode.

Title_5327 = obj3DCollide Text_5327 = Error! You are trying to use an unknown collision type.

Title_5328 = sceneCreate Text_5328 = You can't create a Hardware scene with the current screen video mode !

Title_5329 = warpCreate Text_5329 = You can't use bitmaps that are coming from video memory !

Title_5330 = viewCreate Text_5330 = You can't use a bitmap that is not coming from video memory with the current video driver !

Title_5331 = viewSetBgBmp Text_5331 = You can't use a bitmap that is coming from video memory !

Title_5332 = obj3DCollide Text_5332 = Error! You are trying to use an unknown triangle normal return type.

Title_5400 = 3D Checking Error Text_5400 = An error occured while processing the function %s. Your 3D datas may not be consistent, check your dev7 code.

; Lib Fx2D

Title_5500 = fx2DSetSize Text_5500 = size must be greater zero.

Title_5501 = fx2DSetSize Text_5501 = size must be a power of two.

Title_5502 = fx2D Text_5502 = dimensions of the source and destination bitmap must be the same.

Title_5503 = fx2D Text_5503 = bits depth of the source and destination must be the same.

Title_5504 = fx2DDistortFill Text_5504 = values in array must be below the dimension of the bitmaps

Title_5505 = fx2DDistortSetValue Text_5505 = values in array must be below the dimension of the bitmaps

Title_5506 = fx2D Text_5506 = Source and destination don't have the same alpha properties

Title_5507 = fx2DBlurSetValue Text_5507 = the blur value must be positive

Title_5508 = fx2DBlurSetValue Text_5508 = the blur value must be bellow the half of the dimension

Title_5509 = fx2D Text_5509 = only grMode16MAlpha

Title_5510 = fx2DSetSize Text_5510 = size must be uneven

Title_5511 = fx2D Text_5511 = grMode256 is not supported

Title_5512 = fx2DMatrixSetScale Text_5512 = Scale can't be 0

Title_5513 = fx2D Text_5513 = This function is not associated with this fx2D

Title_5514 = fx2D Text_5514 = Sizes of the bitmap destination must be a multiple of 8

; sysScreen funcs

Title_5600 = sysGetScreenGrMode Text_5600 = Internal error on getting the screen grMode !

Title_5601 = sysGetScreenDriverName Text_5601 = Invalid screen driver index number.

Title_5602 = sysSetScreenVideoMode Text_5602 = Can not change the video mode, because a 3D scene still exists !

Title_5603 = sysSetScreenVideoMode Text_5603 = Can not change the video mode, because a screen bitmap (coming from sysGetScreenBmp) is still referenced !

Title_5604 = sysSetScreenVideoMode Text_5604 = Invalid screen driver index number -> using default one.

Title_5605 = sysSetScreenVideoMode Text_5605 = Invalid grMode wanted. Only grMode32000, grMode16M and grMode16MAlpha are allowed.

Title_5606 = sysGetSystemFolder Text_5606 = Invalid constant wanted

Title_5607 = sysGetSystemFolder Text_5607 = SHFolder.dll not found

Title_5608 = sysGetSystemFolder Text_5608 = Function SHGetFolderPathA not Found

Title_5609 = sysGetSystemFolder Text_5609 = The requested folder could not be found on your system...

; Lib Tracker
------ 6000 -> 6005
wave-out errors -----------

Title_6000 = Tracker Constructor Text_6000 = Can't create Tracker with no track! Title_6001 = Tracker SetOutputFormat Text_6001 = Failed to change output format! Mixer error. Title_6002 = Tracker Play Text_6002 = Play failed! Masterchannel busy? Title_6003 = Tracker Stop Text_6003 = Stop failed! Title_6004 = Tracker Pause Text_6004 = Pause Failed! Title_6005 = Tracker PlayTrack Text_6005 = PlayTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6006 = Tracker PlayTrack Text_6006 = PlayTrack failed! Track is busy! Title_6007 = Tracker PlayTrack Text_6007 = PlayTrack failed! No buffer to play! Title_6008 = Tracker PlayTrack Text_6008 = PlayTrack failed! Invalid NbTimes in SEVERAL mode! Title_6009 = Tracker PlayTrack Text_6009 = PlayTrack failed! Mixer error. Title_6010 = Tracker StopTrack Text_6010 = StopTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6011 = Tracker PauseTrack Text_6011 = PauseTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6012 = Tracker ResumeTrack Text_6012 = ResumeTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6013 = Tracker GetTrackState Text_6013 = GetTrackState failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6014 = Tracker GetTrackVolume Text_6014 = GetTrackVolume failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6015 = Tracker SetTrackVolume Text_6015 = SetTrackVolume failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6016 = Tracker IncTrackVolume Text_6016 = IncTrackVolume failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6017 = Tracker DecTrackVolume Text_6017 = DecTrackVolume failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6018 = Tracker GetTrackBalance Text_6018 = GetTrackBalance failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6019 = Tracker SetTrackBalance Text_6019 = SetTrackBalance failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6020 = Tracker TrackBalanceLeft Text_6020 = TrackBalanceLeft failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6021 = Tracker TrackBalanceRight Text_6021 = TrackBalanceRight failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6022 = Tracker SetTrackPitchCorrection Text_6022 = SetTrackPitchCorrection failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6023 = Tracker GetTrackSoundPosition Text_6023 = GetTrackSoundPosition failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6024 = Tracker GetTrackMixPosition Text_6024 = GetTrackMixPosition failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6025 = Tracker GetTrackSoundBuffer Text_6025 = GetTrackSoundBuffer failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6026 = Tracker SetTrackFeedPosition Text_6026 = SetTrackFeedPosition failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6027 = Tracker SetTrackNbSamplesPerBLock Text_6027 = SetTrackNbSamplesPerBlock failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6028 = Tracker IsTrackFree Text_6028 = IsTrackFree failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6029 = Tracker GetTrackEffect Text_6029 = GetTrackEffect failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6030 = Tracker SwitchTrackDryOutput Text_6030 = SwitchTrackDryOutput failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6031 = Tracker AddEffectToTrack Text_6031 = AddEffectToTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6032 = Tracker AddEffectToTrack Text_6032 = AddEffectToTrack failed! Invalid effect type! Title_6033 = Tracker RemoveEffectFromTrack Text_6033 = RemoveEffectFromTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6034 = Tracker RemoveAllFromTrack Text_6034 = RemoveAllFromTrack failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6035 = Tracker SwitchTrackEffect Text_6035 = SwitchTrackEffect failed! Invalid Track number! Title_6036 = No More Track Text_6036 = No more sound track available !

------ 6500 -> 6505
wave-in errors -----------

Title_6500 = soundRecordOpen Text_6500 = Could not open the waveform input device because it was already opened Title_6501 = soundRecordOpen Text_6501 = Could not complete this action because no compatible waveform input device was found

Title_7000 = RAS Error Text_7000 = Error %d in function %s Title_7001 = RAS Error Text_7001 = netLibs must be inited Title_7002 = RAS Error Text_7002 = Can't find RASAPI32.DLL



Title_7100 = DDE success (%s) Text_7100 = No error.


Title_7101 = DDE error (%s) Text_7101 = A request for a synchronous advise transaction has timed out.


Title_7102 = DDE error (%s) Text_7102 = The response to the transaction caused the DDE_FBUSY flag to be set.


Title_7103 = DDE error (%s) Text_7103 = A request for a synchronous data transaction has timed out.


Title_7104 = DDE error (%s) Text_7104 = A DDEML function was called without first calling the DdeInitialize function, or an invalid instance identifier was passed to a DDEML function.


Title_7105 = DDE error (%s) Text_7105 = An application initialized as APPCLASS_MONITOR has attempted to perform a dynamic data exchange (DDE) transaction, or an application initialized as APPCMD_CLIENTONLY has attempted to perform server transactions.


Title_7106 = DDE error (%s) Text_7106 = A request for a synchronous execute transaction has timed out.


Title_7107 = DDE error (%s) Text_7107 = A parameter failed to be validated by the DDEML.


Title_7108 = DDE error (%s) Text_7108 = A DDEML application has created a prolonged race condition (in which the server application outruns the client), causing large amounts of memory to be consumed.


Title_7109 = DDE error (%s) Text_7109 = A memory allocation has failed.


Title_7110 = DDE error (%s) Text_7110 = A transaction has failed.


Title_7111 = DDE error (%s) Text_7111 = A client's attempt to establish a conversation has failed.


Title_7112 = DDE error (%s) Text_7112 = A request for a synchronous poke transaction has timed out.


Title_7113 = DDE error (%s) Text_7113 = An internal call to thePostMessage function has failed.


Title_7114 = DDE error (%s) Text_7114 = An application instance with a synchronous transaction already in progress attempted to initiate another synchronous transaction, or the DdeEnableCallback function was called from within a DDEML callback function.


Title_7115 = DDE error (%s) Text_7115 = A server-side transaction was attempted on a conversation terminated by the client, or the server terminated before completing a transaction.


Title_7116 = DDE error (%s) Text_7116 = An internal error has occurred in the DDEML.


Title_7117 = DDE error (%s) Text_7117 = A request to end an advise transaction has timed out.


Title_7118 = DDE error (%s) Text_7118 = An invalid transaction identifier was passed to a DDEML function. Once the application has returned from an XTYP_XACT_COMPLETE callback, the transaction identifier for that callback function is no longer valid.

Title_7119 = DDE error (%s/%s) Text_7119 = Service/Topic cannot be found or server not running.

;	Lib SR (Speech Recognition

Title_8000 = SR Engine State error Text_8000 = The Speech recognition engine couldn't execute this action because it was not in the good state (states are 'closed', 'deconnected', 'connected', 'working' or 'paused')

Title_8001 = SR Engine Connection Text_8001 = Try to connect to an unknown engine (the '%s' engine). See the srConnect online reference to know the avalaible engines.

Title_8002 = SR Engine Connection Text_8002 = Did not succeed in connecting to the SR Engine. Verify the user is a valid user or check the 'sr' directory components.

Title_8003 = SR Engine Connection Text_8003 = Did not succeed in connecting to the SMAPI. Check the presence or the version of the 'sr' directory's dlls.

Title_8004 = SR Engine Disconnection Text_8004 = Error during SR Engine disconnection.

Title_8005 = SR Grammar Compilation Text_8005 = Did not succeed in compiling the '%s' Backus-Naur Form (.BNF) file

Title_8006 = srAddGrammar Text_8006 = These words are unkown in the grammar '%s' : %s

Title_8007 = srAddGrammar Text_8007 = The SR engine failed in defining or enabling this grammar : '%s'.

Title_8008 = srRemoveGrammar Text_8008 = The grammar wasn't found in the current SR Engine vocabularies.

Title_8009 = srRemoveGrammar Text_8009 = The SR engine failed in disabling or undefining this grammar.

Title_8010 = Grammar(s) not removed Text_8010 = You must remove all the added grammars before completing this operation. Grammar(s) not removed : %s.

Title_8011 = srRecognizeNextPhrase Text_8011 = Could not process recognition because no grammar was added (use the srAddGrammar function).

Title_8012 = srRecognizeNextPhrase Text_8012 = Did not succeed in getting the focus from the SR Engine !

Title_8013 = srRecognizeNextPhrase Text_8013 = The SR Engine didn't succeed in turning the microphone on.

Title_8014 = srStopRecognition Text_8014 = Did not succeed in releasing the focus from the SR Engine !

Title_8015 = srStopRecognition Text_8015 = The SR Engine didn't succeed in turning the microphone off.

// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Movie functions (9000 - 9500)
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Title_9000 = DEV7 VM initialization error Text_9000 = Could not initialize QuickTime. Please check QuickTime installation.

Title_9001 = movieXX Text_9001 = This movie function failed due to an unknown error...

Title_9002 = movieXX Text_9002 = Could not use this function because the movie state didn't permit it.

Title_9003 = movieXX Text_9003 = Could not find the movie bitmap preferred mode.

Title_9004 = movieOpen Text_9004 = Could not create a new movie identifier from the file ' %s '.

Title_9005 = movieSetBmp Text_9005 = The bitmap format you wanted to set is not supported by the file movie technology...

Title_9006 = movie track function Text_9006 = The track of index %d could not be found in the movie.

Title_9007 = movieGetTrackType Text_9007 = The track (of index %d) type is unknown for the DEV7 Virtual machine...