Mystery House

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Mystery House
No Screenshot Available
First release 1980
Also known as Hi-Res Adventure #1:
Mystery House
Developed by Sierra
Published by Sierra
Distributed by Sierra
Platforms Apple II, DOS, iOS
PC-6001, PC-8801
Resolution (unknown)
Engine ADL
Support Since ScummVM 1.9.0
Available for
The full game can be
legally downloaded from
our downloads page

Mystery House, marketed as Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House, is a text adventure game with graphics. It was the first game by Sierra and the first game to use the ADL engine. Locked inside a Victorian mansion, an unnamed adventurer has no other option but to explore. Eventually the other people in the mansion are killed, and the adventurer has to discover the identity of the murderer or become the next victim.

It was released into the public domain in 1987.

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