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Closed Task
Task Name Improve AGI support
Technical Contact(s) Eugene Sandulenko
Subsystem Engine
Status Implemented by m_kiewitz


Our implementation of AGI suffers some incompatibilities which doesn't appear in the NAGI reimplementation. In order to get the best AGI support possible, it would be interesting to understand the implementation differences between the two engines and merge them.

The Task:

  • Analyze implementation differences between ScummVM and NAGI
  • Implement those changes, with a priority on the main loop and the rendering system
  • Refactor the resulting code
  • Validate the result by testing the latest AGI fan games and demos

The Benefits:

  • Improve significantly the support of the latest fan made AGI games.

Required Skills:

  • Good C++ skills.
  • Good knowledge of ScummVM coding conventions and portability guidelines (could be learned in less than a week)
  • Engine internals could be studied quickly. (The original authors are willing to help by answering questions)