Parallaction/Scripts/Zone flags

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Used to mark closed doors (doors are open by default). This doesn't prevent them to be opened by the character.


Active zones and animations are visible and are available for interaction.


Signals that a zone or animation is to be deactivated and made invisible at next frame.


This flag is set by the START command. It indicates the script attached to the animation is being executed.


Marks a DOOR zone that cannot be activated (opened). It is always used in conjuction with the CLOSED flag, so the final effect is exactly that of a GET zone with a FIXED flag. The duplication is needed because the graphic formats for DOOR and GET zones are slightly different (why!).


Marks a GET zone that cannot be activated (picked up).


Tells the engine there is no label for this zone. (The need for this flag is not clear: isn't it enough to leave out the LABEL statement?)


Keeps an animation to the nearest Z level, meaning it is superimposed on the screen regardless of the background mask.


Has the animation script (SCR) repeating indefinitely.


Never used in Nippon Safes.


Marks animations whose Z coordinate need to be computed each frame. They typically are non-playing characters wandering around the game.


When a zone with NOWALK flag is activated, the character is not set to move to any particular position before action actually takes place. Zones without this flag always have a MOVETO statement specifying the needed character position.