Police Quest: SWAT

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Police Quest: SWAT
No Screenshot Available
First release 1995
Also known as Daryl F. Gates' Police
Quest: SWAT, SWAT 1
Developed by Sierra
Published by Sierra
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms MS-DOS, Win 3.1, Mac
Resolution (unknown)
Engine SCI
Support Since ScummVM 2.2.0
Available for

Police Quest SWAT was a follow-up to the Police Quest series, but was a tactical simulator rather than an adventure game. It employs full motion video (commonly reffered to as FMV) scenes, which are pre-recorded video footage of live actors. The game puts you in command of a SWAT team. There are several training simulations followed by three missions. The outcome of the missions depends on strict adherence to procedure and the reliance on teamwork.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

WARNING: Unlike other games, SCI games have significant variation in the naming of required files.

They also can load supplementary files by resource maps, so it is recommended to keep all files in the game data directory from the CD.

Unless otherwise specified, do NOT remove any file from the directory, even if it does not appear on the following list, since this will likely cause weird bugs.

Copy all files from each disk or CD to the game directory. Some games need additional work:

Games with multiple CDs

  • Directories that exist on multiple discs (e.g. ROBOT and VMD directories) must be merged together, not replaced. That means, that files from *all* CDs should be kept in them, as some OSes like Windows and macOS may prompt you to remove the old directory contents and keep the new (that is called "replace").
  • Rename the RESOURCE.SFX from each CD to RESSFX.00<cdnumber>, and the RESOURCE.AUD from each CD to RESAUD.00<cdnumber>, to match the corresponding RESSCI.00<cdnumber> file that exists on each CD.
 For example, CD1 contains these files:
 If you're prompted to keep the old file extension, say "no", otherwise you may end up with RESAUD.001.AUD and RESSFX.001.SFX which is incorrect
  • It should be safe to replace any other files from later CDs that were copied already from earlier CDs.

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