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Engine developer lukaslw
Companies that used it Metropolis Software House
Games that use it The Prince and the Coward
Date added to ScummVM 2014-10-10
First release containing it 2.1.0

The Prince engine was used in The Prince and the Coward.

The source code, and permission to translate the game, was provided by the copyright holders. The Prince and the Coward was integrated into ScummVM by the GSoC student lukaslw as part of the GSoC 2014 and is being translated into English by several ScummVM team members.


Completable. English translation in progress.


Go to our translations website.

Originally the game was in Polish, with proper translation in German, and mid-quality translation into Russian, thus, you need to know any of those languages.

In your profile choose languages you understand (in Settings -> Secondary languages), then the website will present you with the relevant strings in those languages, which could help you do a better job. Also, pay attention to the nearby strings, as that often will provide you with the context of the dialogue (it gives +/-5 lines of context).

The translation strings contain service words and symbols. Those must be copied as-is.

Possible service words:


  • HERO:, OTHER:, P#OTHER:, P#P#OTHER:, P#HERO:, OTHER2: etc. Those designate the speaker and must be present at the beginning of the string.
  • $1-$19 – dialog tree variants. Must be at the beginning of the string.
  • #E2#X0, #E7#E8#B0 etc, starting with #. Those are special symbols for branching in dialog trees. Present at end of the string. Sometimes they're the only part of the string.
  • '|' . A newline symbol. Use for extra-long string to ensure the breaks are in the designated place.

Rest of the files

  • '|', '*' and '+' – special symbols, pause, pause and newline respectively. Need to stay at the line where they are.

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