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Release Testing for ScummVM

Testing Guidelines

  • Use the latest build which you may find at the bottom of our download page. After we branched please use the latest stable builds when downloading from our Buildbot.
  • Use the launcher to add your game and see if it was detected normally, even if you already have this game already added. Start newly added target.
  • Preferably test detection of every game/demo you have, even when you're not going to play them.
  • Play game from beginning through the end.
  • Preferably use of save/load facility.
  • Do not skip cutscenes.
  • If you encounter any problems, please, submit a bug report at our bug tracker.
  • If a game has several branches, test as many variants as you can.
  • At least 1 user should test each game, preferably but not obligatory on different platforms.
    • However, more than one user should test games that satisfy one or more of the following conditions:
      • It is a multiple path game (such as Fate of Atlantis or Maniac Mansion). We designate such games with a # (hash symbol).
      • It is a new game for this release. We designate such games with a * (star symbol).

What to provide when you encounter a bug

Please provide information on our bug tracker. Please, do not post bugs to our forums as that makes discussions and bug fixing progress tracking practically impossible.

  • Make sure that you have a working mail set up at your GitHub account. In this case you will receive our reply to your bug report.
  • Snapshot date (but please, always test with the latest one).
  • Bug details, including instructions on reproducing it.
  • Language of game (English, German...).
  • If it is a fan translation, mention it.
  • Version of game (talkie, floppy...).
  • Whether the sound was compressed or not.
  • Platform and compiler (Linux, macOS, Windows, etc).
  • Attach a save game if possible.
  • Attach a screenshot to demonstrate graphics bugs if applicable.

It may happen that at some point of our testing we break savegame compatibility, or do something which affects a specific engine deeply. In that case, you could be asked to restart the game you're currently playing from the beginning. You will be explicitly told to do so, so don't worry if we say nothing in this aspect.

Please, report about your completion on our forums (preferably in the thread linked by the testing announcement). If you encountered some problem, provide the bug report number as well.

Thanks for your help.