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List of all known bugs that occurred in the original versions.

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb

Not Yet Fixed

  • Actors are drawn (some pixels above status bar) at Chota's falling in the dam scene
  • After accusing the moneychanger of stealing the Orb of Storms, he will always start a dialog when you enter his tent. The game does not disable the inventory screen at the start of the dialog. If the player gives the silver medallion to him, while he is still talking, the game will hang. [Bug #4478]
  • Graphical glitch in the rat's maze when a rat walks close to a corner [Bug #4480]
  • Script bug which doesn't trigger a sequence at the jail scene when one doesn't visit the camp first [Bug #4687]
  • Floppy: Audio loops and game stops responding [Bug #5745]


  • There is a missing sound sample in the intro of some ITE versions: "The humans also knew the Secret of Life, and they used it to give us the Four Great Gifts:". The missing sound sample is played correctly with the file P2_A.iaf, found in Wyrmkeep's update 2
  • If the player chooses to use an actor (usually one of the two followers, Eeah and Okk), and then immediately clicks on that actor again (even if the actor's name is not shown again in the verb area), the actor returned is wrong. This lead to odd behavior when the player did an action like "Use Eeah with (Eeah)" (name is not shown for the second actor)
  • In the screen with the beehive, when using the flint to create a fire, the animation shown breaks if the escape key is pressed to bypass the dialogue

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Original game bugs

Not Yet Fixed

  • Characters walk backwards sometimes, e.g. Gorrister in the engine room when walking from the left room to the right room (the one with the torture machine)
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): After digging Glynis' grave and saving, loading this game makes the grave disappear
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): When giving an item to the jackal, Gorrister will say the sentence "I'm not gonna give it away, if I'm gonna die, I'm taking everything with me" twice
  • Chapter 3 (Benny): In the video where AM kills the child's mother, her sprite is shown twice for a second when the video where she is zapped starts, making it as if there are two clones of the child's mother
  • Chapter 4 (Nimdok): After picking up the pliers and watch in scene 79, if the player leaves and reenters the room, their hit zones are incorrectly enabled, but the items are not visible [Bug #6814]


  • When loading a save game, the music played is still the music which was playing in the previous scene before the save game is loaded
  • When picking up or using objects in a scene, sometimes a "ghost" object is created in the top left corner of the screen
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): After reading the note in the starting room, the hotspot for the note moves to the upper-left corner, so you can read it again and again
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): Gorrister's heart is not supposed to have a "use" phrase attached to it (it's not used anywhere, it's only given), but when "used", an incorrect reply is given to the player ("It's too narrow for me to pass", said when Gorrister tries to pick up the heart without a rope)
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): Using the knife to cut out Edna's heart can lead to unexpected behavior the second time this is performed. The player is either able to talk again to the dead Edna, or get her heart again and be stuck
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): the left graffitti in the restroom can't be examined. Gorrister just walks back to the bar instead
  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): When Edna drops her key in the freezer room, the user can hover over 2 items with the cursor ("The key" and "Edna's key")
  • Chapter 3 (Benny): After talking to the child via the monitor, Benny walks backwards
  • Chapter 3 (Benny): Putting the lottery bag into the hole and retrieving it back from there summons another Psychic Profile book in the inventory (instead of the bag icon)

Bugs which cannot be fixed in ScummVM, as they are caused by incorrect data in the game's data files

  • Chapter 1 (Gorrister): When Gorrister picks up his heart from the spike, the palette changes. This occurs because the video that shows Gorrister picking up his heart has a different palette
  • Chapter 3 (Benny): In the video where AM kills the child's mother, the game's palette changes, because the video that shows AM zapping the child's mother has a different palette