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Russian is allowed here. Можно пиÑ?ать и по-руÑ?Ñ?ки. Я переведу. [sev]


ITE is completable with rare minor gfx glitches. IHNM shows complete intro


  • Status line shows wrong strings because instead of loading from resources it substitutes hardcoded ITE strings.
  • After chapter selection AM has intro speech. It is not possible to skip it with ESC.
  • Actor animations are all wrong. (It's better now, but is it right yet?)
  • Actors do not move
    • It seems that depth image isn't correct. Different format?
  • I've seen no stepzones so far. Probably their format has changed and they aren't loaded
  • Psychic Profile display. Underlying variables seem to be deciphered.
  • Options panel do not show up


  • Amiga versions of the game would be nice to support. Though Amiga porter which once appeared at our forums doesn't reply to sev's letters. Maybe another dev should try that?
  • Original DOS demo. It is based on very early version of engine, so many structures are different. I've mapped most of resources but they stay untested.
    • Move actors and objects list to our code. I've found them but not yet processed.
  • Requests
    • We need to find out where following functions are called:
      • SF_cycleColors -- all implementation bits sit in palanim.cpp
      • sfPlayVoice -- used in ITE CD
    • There are currently two versions of ITE that are not uniquely identified: the Wyrmkeep "Win32 CD Version" and the original "DOS/Win32 CD Version". When adding games, the user gets to do the disambiguation, but what happens with the detection when playing the game?
  • BUGS
    • Occasional graphics glitches in ISO rooms. (At least in the Rats maze.) Most notable when entering rounded doors. (3d draw sequence is wrong)
    • pressing ESC during making fire - brokes anim sequence
  • Interface
    • wrong Option button draw sequence - some dots have inproper color.
    • handleConverseUpdate scrolls converse too quickly.
    • handleCommandUpdate scrolls inventory too quickly.
    • Actors are drawn (some pixels above status bar) at Chota's falling. - Original engine draws its too - so it is not our bug

Long-term ToDos


  • Make actor animation Event-driven. See FIXME in actor.cpp. Maybe it should be INTERVAL_EVENT
  • Inspect Font module - free memory, GameFontIds <-> FONT_ID
  • In many places RSC_LoadResource() is called but memory is not freed afterwards, i.e. there is a huge leak
  • Optimize screen output. Now we blit whole screen for each frame.
  • When using the original XMIDI music resources, some songs play at the wrong speed. The worst example I've heard of this is the "Elk Fanfare" during the intro. It could be the meta events we don't handle, but at least the tempo event doesn't seem to make any difference. Maybe something in the data header instead...?
  • Remove use of floating point, especially doubles.