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SCI Sierra On-Line Japanese Games

Sierra On-Line released a few games in Japan, fully translated to Japanese.

The following games may have been released as well: Torin's Passage, Gabriel Knight 2

The 3.25" 1.2MB floppies (Space Quest 4, King's Quest 5) are only readable on PC using special floppy drives, that support Mode 3. For example the Sony USB PCGA-UFD5. Floppies will still not just work in Windows, you will probably need [RawWrite for Windows] and finally [DiskExplorer] to extract the files from the images.

The 5.25" floppies (Quest for Glory 1, Police Quest 2) however can be read using a regular PC 5.25" floppy drive.

Castle of Dr. Brain / ドクターブレイン パズルの城 (PC-98)

SCI-Jap-PC98-CoDB-1.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-CoDB-2.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-CoDB-3.jpg

on 2x 5.25" floppy discs
features Japanese + English text

King's Quest V / キングズクエストV / キングスクエストV (FM-Towns)

SCI-Jap-FMTowns-KQ5-1.jpg SCI-Jap-FMTowns-KQ5-2.jpg

(FM-Towns floppy not shown)
features Japanese + English voice acting

King's Quest V / キングズクエストV / キングスクエストV (PC-98)

SCI-Jap-PC98-KQ5-1.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-KQ5-2.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-KQ5-3.jpg

on 6x 3.25" floppy discs (1.2MB)
features Japanese + English text

King's Quest VII / キングスクエストVII / キングスクエストVII (PC Windows) (SPRW-5003)

did definitely exist, no further details known atm

Lighthouse / ライトハウス (PC DOS/Windows) (SPRW-5011)

SCI-Jap-Lighthouse1.jpg SCI-Jap-Lighthouse2.jpg

features Japanese voice acting + text

Mixed-Up Mother Goose / おかしなマザーグース SCI1 (FM-Towns)

SCI-Jap-FMTowns-MotherGoose-1.jpg SCI-Jap-FMTowns-MotherGoose-2.jpg SCI-Jap-FMTowns-MotherGoose-3.jpg SCI-Jap-FMTowns-MotherGoose-4.jpg

features full Japanese voice acting

Phantasmagoria 1 / ファンタズム / Phantasm (PC Windows) (SPRW-5002)

SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria1-Box.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria1-Box2.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria1-Manual.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria1-Manual2.jpg

on 7 CDs
includes 20-page b/w manual
details to be added

Phantasmagoria / ファンタズム / Phantasm (Guide)

SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-Guide-Front.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-Guide-Back.jpg

160 pages

Phantasmagoria 2 / ファンタズム2 (PC Windows) (SPRW-5016)

SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-Box.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-Box2.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-Manual.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-Manual2.jpg SCI-Jap-Phantasmagoria2-CDs.jpg

on 5 CDs
includes 40-page b/w manual
features English audio and Japanese subtitles. Game itself was fully localized, text in background pictures was changed to Japanese.
Game is also fully uncut. For more information on Phantasmagoria 2 censorship, click here.

Police Quest 2 / ポリスクエスト2 (PC-98)

SCI-Jap-PC98-PQ2-1.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-PQ2-2.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-PQ2-3.jpg

on 3 5.25" floppies
also includes 50-page manual, small poster/ad
There also exists a version with 3.5" floppies. Further details unknown at this point.

Police Quest: SWAT / ポリスクエスト SWAT (PC DOS/Windows) (SPRW-1004)

Further details coming soon

RAMA / RAMA 宇宙のランデヴー (PC Windows) (SPRW-5017)

SCI-Jap-PC-Rama-Box-Front.jpg SCI-Jap-PC-Rama-Box-Back.jpg SCI-Jap-PC-Rama-CD-Case-Front.jpg SCI-Jap-PC-Rama-CD-Case-Back.jpg

on 3 CDs w/ 21-page manual in CD case
fully localized (Japanese audio + text), even the bonus interviews were dubbed in Japanese

Quest for Glory 1 / クエスト フォー グローリィ (PC-98)

SCI-Jap-PC98-QfG1-1.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-QfG1-2.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-QfG1-3.jpg

on 2x 3 5.25" floppies
(1 set is the 16 color version, the other set is the 8 color version)

Quest For Glory / Police Quest 2 3D AVG box set (PC-98)


Police Quest 2: on 3 5.25" floppies
Quest for Glory 1: on 2x 3 5.25" floppies (1 set is the 16 color version, the other set is the 8 color version)

Red Baron 2 / レッドバロン2 (PC Windows) (SPRW-1026)

features full Japanese voice acting
Photos and details coming soon

Shivers / シバースー ~呪われた博物館~ (PC Windows) (SPRW-5005)

SCI-Jap-PC-Shivers-Box-Front.jpg SCI-Jap-PC-Shivers-Box-Back.jpg SCI-Jap-PC-Shivers-CD-Case-Front.jpg SCI-Jap-PC-Shivers-CD-Case-Back.jpg

on 1 CD w/ 59-page b/w manual
fully localized (Japanese audio + text), except for the credits and a few audio samples

Space Quest IV / スペースクエストIV (PC-98)

SCI-Jap-PC98-SQ4-1.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-SQ4-2.jpg SCI-Jap-PC98-SQ4-3.jpg

on 3x 3.25" floppy discs (1.2MB)
features Japanese + English text

Trophy Bass 2 / トロフィーバス2 (PC Windows) (SPRW-5013)

features full Japanese voice acting
Photos and details coming soon

Sierra Pioneer


Many of the above games were published in Japan under a joint venture with the Pioneer Corporation. This company, called Sierra Pioneer Co., Ltd., was formed in July 1995. One may find the Japanese name (シエラ パイオニア) to be helpful in searching the web or auction sites. For the same reason, the Japanese titles are also provided below.

For more information, please see catalog information here.

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