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Savestates are by default handled via FSNodes, too. If you need to handle savestates differently (like many console ports do), by providing a custom SavefileManager implementation (many ports do that already).
If your port has the config file in a special location (be it in a special path, or you want to store it in the Windows registry, or in some special NVRAM, or whatever -- go nuts with ideas), you can overload OSystem::openConfigFileForReading() and OSystem::openConfigFileForWriting() methods (NOTE: Various ports already do it, but I'd wish the iPhone, PS2, PSP and PalmOS ports would finally clean out their cruft from common/system.cpp ;)
If you want ScummVM to look for file in additional dirs (like, on OSX, we store the engine-data files like sky.cpt and kyra.dat inside the application bundle), your port can overload the OSystem::addSysArchivesToSearchSet() method to hook these extra locations into the SearchMan -- this way, the location is checked whenever the default File::open method is used, for example. You can hook up arbitrary Archive classes here (even .zip files), not just directories, so it's quite flexible.


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