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→‎During GSoC...: Changed phrase to a more common form
* ... you should at the very least verify that your '''code is compilable''' before you commit it.
** ''Checked in code does not have to be feature complete or anything like that but it should at least compile at all times. Mentors regularly review students' code and having to spend hours making the code compile is a very thankless task ;) when that time could be better spent on review.''
* ... we expect you to '''commit oftenearly, commit earlyoften'''.
** ''We judge students' code based on what is checked in and take the view that 'if it's not checked in it does not exist' for the purposes of GSoC reviews. Don't be shy about this. You may feel your code is not 'good enough', but the best way to learn whether it actually is good or not, and also to get valuable hints on how to improve it, is to show it to us. Trust us, we will give you constructive feedback and won't bash you for what you produce.''


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