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** ''This plan will help you and us to decide at any time during the project how well you are progressing. It forces you to think about what you need to do beforehand, and provides a guideline for you while GSoC is progressing.''
* are expected to '''submit a patch''' against our Subversion source code using our patch tracker. Fix a typo in the README, or some known bug, extends functionality in some way, or provide a start for the work you are applying for.
** ''This is the basic entry bar to ensure that applicants are familiar enough with the code and concepts in ScummVM to submit a patch. I.e., whether you manage to checkout the source '''(SVN trunk)''', compile it, make a change, and then use our patch tracker to submit it. Don't worry, though: It does not have to be anything complex, and you are highly welcome and even expected to ask us for help and guidance with this. In fact, finding out whether you communicate well with us and are willing to ask questions and learn is part of the test. There is a nice [ blog post by Yuval Levy] from the [ hugin project], which explains the rational rationale behind this requirement.''
==During GSoC...==


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