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maintainer=Max Horn ([[User:Fingolfin|Fingolfin]]), Eugene Sandulenko ([[User:Sev|Sev]])

The primary channel for important development-related discussion is the [[#scummvm-devel|scummvm-devel]] mailing list. All developers should subscribe to it.

There is one note about [[#scummvm-cvs-logs|scummvm-cvs-logs]] and [[#scummvm-tracker|scummvm-tracker]]. Consider them as a read-only lists, i.e. if you have comments/questions on someone's commit, post your follow-up to [[#scummvm-devel|scummvm-devel]].

The full set of public lists are:

[ ''Subscription settings'']
[ ''Archives'']

This is the Official developer mailing lists, for planning releases, and general discussions concerning development and project management.

[ ''Subscription settings'']
[ ''Archives'']

Commit Logs. Basically we're on SVN now, but the list name was not changed.

[ ''Subscription settings'']
[ ''Archives'']

Notifications of all new bugs, patches and feature requests. If you subscribe to this one you'll just be notified about '''''new''''' tracker items. If you want to keep track of an arbitrary tracker item you have to use the "Monitor" option/button on the page of that tracker item.


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