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SCUMM/Technical Reference/Object resources

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Add info on SCUMM v4 object code blocks
x, y, width, and height are bytes. Their values should be multiplied by 8 (the size of an image strip).
=== V4 Objects ===
In v4 objects are split in 2 chunks: OI and OC. OC does not have any sub-blocks like v5 or v6 objects; it contains all header information and the SCUMM script.
===== OC =====
obj id : 16le
unknown : 8
x : 8
y, parent state : 8 (parent state is AND 0x80, y is AND 0x7F)
width : 8
parent : 8
walk_x : 16le signed(?)
walk_y : 16le signed(?)
height, actor dir : 8 (height is AND 0xF8, actor dir is AND 0x07)
name offset : 8 (point to location of object name, from start of OC block)
verb table : variable
object name : variable, null-terminated string
SCUMM script : variable
The verb table is made up of multiple entries, each looks like this:
verb ID : 8
offset : 16le (from start of script?)
The number of entries will vary depending on the interactions defined for the object.


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