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→‎LucasArts SCUMM Games: There is no Hard mode in Monkey Island too, only easy and normal, thus I guess this should be a testing entry for normal
|The Secret of Monkey Island CD||English DOS<br>English DOS||Completable. No problems noted.||digitall<br>MapleSyrup||GNU Linux x86_32 2.6.31<br>Win32 (Win7)||Feb 27<br>Feb 28
|- style="background:#ffff77"
|#Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge||English DOS (HardNormal)||Completable. No problems noted.||digitall||GNU Linux x86_32 2.6.31||Mar 1
|- style="background:lightgreen"
|Day of the Tentacle||English DOS||Completable. No problems found.||clone2727||Mac OS X (10.6)||Feb 27


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