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Fix the link to getting the code
== Getting started ==
* The first thing you need to be able to do is [[SVN#Getting the code|get the ScummVM code]].
* Then you should [[Compiling ScummVM|compile ScummVM]].
* If you have write access to our repository, you are expected to have read and to comply with our [[Commit Guidelines]].
* Our [ Doxygen source code documentation] may help you to get the big picture about ScummVM.
* Also, you might want to check our list for current [[Platform Limitations]].
== For Engine authors ==
* ScummVM [[Wiki]] account
* having development blog displayed on ScummVM [[Planet]]
* using project donations for purchasing necessary things for the development, such as game copies, software licenses , etc.
If you need any of the above, talk to [[User:Fingolfin|Fingolfin]] or [[User:Sev|sev]].


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