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TODOThis template returns the value mapped to a key, given a list of keys and their associated values.=Usage= <nowiki>{{</nowiki>Map|''keys''=<list_of_keys>|''values''=<list_of_values>|''key''=<key><nowiki>}}</nowiki>* ''keys'' is a list of keywords separated by the # symbol.* ''values'' is a list of values separated by the # symbol.* ''key'' is the element that will be used to find its associated value.The ''keys'' and ''values'' lists must have the same number of elements. In case the given ''key'' isn't found in the ''keys'' list, an empty string is returned.=Examples=* <nowiki>{{</nowiki>Map|''keys''=a#b#c|''values''=First value#Second value#Third value|''key''=b<nowiki>}}</nowiki><br>Will make the selection on this map: Usage<br>a = First value<br>b = Second value<br>c = Third value<br>And will show: Second value<br>


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