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== SCI1.1 Complete engines in the latest stable version == {| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width=75100% class="sortable"
|- style="background:#efefef"
|Interpreter VersionEngine||GameGames||Game Version||DateNotes
|1.001.021||[[Quest for Glory IIIAGI]] DEMO||1.000||6/12/91|-|1.001.029||* Early [[Police Quest|Police Quest ISierra]] (SCI Remake)||2.000|||-adventure games|1.001.029||* [[Crazy Nick's Software Picks: King Graham's Board Game Challenge|Crazy Nick's]] [[Crazy Nick's Software Picks: Parlor AGI/Fan Games with Laura Bow|(Allfan games]] , and Pre-AGI games [[Crazy Nick's Software Picks: Robin HoodMickey's Game of Skill and Chance|5Space Adventure]] , [[Crazy Nick's Software Picks: Roger Wilco's Spaced Out Game Pack|ofWinnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood]] , and [[Crazy NickTroll's Software Picks: Leisure Suit Larry Casino|them)]]||1.00|||-|1.001.029||[[Quest for Glory|Quest for Glory I]] (SCI Remake) DEMO||DEMO|||-|1.001.031||[[Mixed-Up Mother Goose]] (SCI11 Remake)||2.000|||-|1.001.050||[[Quest for Glory IIITale]]||1.0||


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