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Add a Git project service page, mainly copied from the SVN one
{{Infobox Project Service Information|
purpose=Store the project's source code, keeping the development history and allowing collaborative work.|
maintainer=Max Horn ([[User:Fingolfin|Fingolfin]]), Eugene Sandulenko ([[User:Sev|Sev]])

=Retrieving the code=

=Keeping updated=
* You can [ browse] the Git repositories through HTTP.
* For every push:
** A mail with the commit(s) diff(s) is sent to the [[Mailing lists#scummvm-cvs-logs|scummvm-cvs-logs mailing list]].
** The CIA bot notifies the [[IRC Channel]] with the summary of the commit(s).
** The [ ScummVM Twitter channel] is notified. (TODO: has to be updated?)

* Before you write/submit code, you must read about our [[Code Formatting Conventions]]. Patches which do not follow them will be rejected or at least delayed until they are cleaned up to comply to them.
* If you have write access to our repository, you are expected to have read and to comply to the [[Commit Guidelines]].

=Repository Statistics=
Our commit logs are fed to several freely available statistics tools:
* [ SourceForge Subversion Activity Statistics]
* [ FishEye SVN statistics]
* [ FishEye CVS statistics] prior to Feb 6th, 2006
* [ CIA SVN statistics], current development
* [ ohloh project analysis] nice graphs and devs activity
* [ Koders statistics]


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