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* UIQ 3.x SDK (To build for UIQ3 devices)(Build scripts in SDK need tweaking in order to build scummvm since Symbian OS GCCE never builds as large projects as ScummVM before)
* UIQ 2.1 SDK (To build for UIQ2 devices);:<br>
* Nokia S60 1st, 2nd edition,3rd edition SDK (To build for S60 devices)
* Nokia S80 SDK (To build for S80 devices)
* Nokia 7710 SDK (To build for the 7710/S90 device)
* ECompXL, an EPOC application compression library:<br> (To build for UIQ devices)* libsdl, Simple Directmedia Layer, a cross-platform multimedia library:<br> (see note about ESDL below)* libmad, a high-quality MPEG audio decoder:<br>* zlib, a massively spiffy yet delicately unobtrusive compression library:<br>
* latest version of active perl (included with Symbian SDK does not work with the build scripts)
* libogg, the free media file container format:<br>* libvorbis, the free audio codec:<br>
These are probably too heavy-duty for your phone:
* flac, the Free Lossless Audio Codec:<br>* libmpeg2, a free MPEG-2 video stream decoder:<br>
== Compiling ScummVM ==
In <DevRoot>\scummvm\backends\platform\symbian\ go:<br>
a) Edit and update the for the kind of build (SDK installed etc) and variants
you want to build.<br>b) Run to build all the targets/variants that you have configured.<br>
A detailed log will be placed in the symbian folder with Build.err.log and Build.out.log but it also depends on
the configuration you select.<br>
Now you should have yourself a nice ScummVM_xxx.sis installer package in the packages folder for use<br>on your phone. Please note that for development it will be a lot faster if you<br>transfer the SCUMMVM.APP/Scummvm.EXE file directly to your !:\system\apps\ScummVM\ dir!<br>
Platforms can be one of: ARMi, ARM4, THUMB, WINS, WINSCW, GCCE. The SE P900 uses the ARMi platform,<br>which is a combined ARM4/THUMB programming mode. Configurations can be one of:<br>