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→‎Getting started: Mention git explicitly, and link to the git tips page
== Getting started ==
* The first thing you need to be able to do is [[Git#Retrieving_the_code|get the ScummVM code]]from our [[Git]] repository.
* Then you should [[Compiling ScummVM|compile ScummVM]].
* Before you write/submit code, '''you must read about our''' [[Code Formatting Conventions]]. Patches which do not follow them will be rejected or at least delayed until they are cleaned up to comply to them.
* Also, you should read and respect the general [[Coding Conventions]].
* If you have write access to our repository, you are expected to have read and to comply with our [[Commit Guidelines]]. Also, read up on the [[Git tips]].
* If you do not have write access, you should use our [ patch tracker] to submit your contributions.
* Our [ Doxygen source code documentation] may help you to get the big picture about ScummVM.


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