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Fixed bugs
* Myst 10th Edition requires the Myst ME codecs plus Sorenson Video 3.
* JPEG Optimization for Myst ME.
* Add "Drop Page".
* Add Transitions.
* Myst Demo Only - Add "Return To Main Menu"
* Myst ME Only - Add "Show Map" and Help System.
* Myst Original - Background sound restarts incorrectly compared to original interpreter on a number of cards. <br>Good test case for this is Myst Card 4697 and 4689 (Myst Imager Forechamber Tunnel - Background Music).<br>These play resource Ids 4697 and 4689 from VIEW sound block respectively, which is the same sound, but glitches <br>due to the playback restart. It is probable the original interpreter on new sound playback continues from the <br>same time offset, if this is within the new sound's duration i.e. thus no "seam" is heard.
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