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Add basic info page about GSoC 2011.
This pages lists students and projects for the [ Google Summer of Code 2011]. See also Google's [ ScummVM organization info] page.

== Objectify CruisE Engine ==
;Student: [[User:Enginmanap|Engin Manap]]
;Mentors: [[User:LordHoto|Johannes Schickel]]
;Outcome: (Partial) Success. Parts of the engine have been refactored. There are regressions to be fixed before it can be merged into master though.
;Original task description:

''Technical Contact'': [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]]


The CruisE engine also started out as an external project by [[User:Yazoo|Yaz0r]]. Originally it was written in plain C.
ScummVM is a C++ project, so we need to objectify this engine without changing/breaking its behavior.

The engine itself is well-structured, hence many functions/variables which might be good candidates for being grouped together into a C++ class are already grouped by files.

No deep knowledge of the engine internals is required either.

We have previously "objectified" several other engines, namely SAGA, Gob and AGI, so one can learn a lot about various approaches how to do this by tracing through our git repository.

''Required Skills:''

* Strong C++ skills.
* Engine internals could be studied within a week or less.

== Improve AGI Engine ==
;Student: [[User:Tiqpit|Jussi Pitkänen]]
;Mentors: [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]]
;Outcome: Fail. The student quit around midterm.
;Original task description:

''Technical Contact'': [[User:Sev|Eugene Sandulenko]]


Our AGI engine is in quite a good shape. Still it misses some important aspects.

''The Task:''

* Add support for AGI 2.01 games, such as Donald Duck's Playground.
* Add support for AGI0 and AGI1 (bootable floppies) games.
* Add support for Apple //gs music
* Document all differences between AGI versions on Wiki and probably in code.
* Cover more tasks from the [[AGI/TODO]] page.

''Required Skills:''

* Good C++ skills.
* Engine internals could be studied within a week or less.


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