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* WIP Engine is now in ScummVM source tree.
* WIP Engine is now in ScummVM source tree.
* The game is completable with revision 20 with some minor glitches (see BUGS).

* Finish music support (volume, looping perhaps?)
* Check if background resources are used before purging them when changing scenes - check
the comments inside sfLoadScene.
* Sometimes, some stray lines are drawn below fonts - probably because the text doesn't
fit inside the screen and the surface is cut off incorrectly.
* Fix some occasional artifacts on screen (e.g. when text is shown over an animation)
* Pathfinding bugs in Fort Apache and the Indian village - e.g. when moving to the door
on the right, the hero walks around a big path. Same when moving to the tent on the top
in the indian village.
* When getting the piano player off the well, he walks up facing to the left (his side
animation is shown).
* Load/start sound and music of the saved scene when loading.
* Some sounds are cut off prematurely (e.g. when an animation finishes before the sound
sample, when changing scenes and a dialog is immediately started afterwards).
* When saving a game, save the whole screen when an animation is playing
e.g. when playing animations (the script controlled ones, not the movies) it should save
the whole screen when the game is saved when such an animation is running since it uses
delta-frames so currently, once restored, the screen is wrong. This is only observed in
a few places.
None known (see TODO).

* See [ TODO] file in engine source code.
* Crashes sometimes on scene changes
(I guess because some talktext is still running although the slot used by it has changed)
Crashes sometimes (e.g. when inside the barn and going up the ladder)
These crashes are caused by non-stopping background sounds, see TODO above.
* The game music is in XMIDI. I'm assuming that the rest of the formats were because of badly
dumped resources - finalize() Calls were missing and the resulting music could contain anything.
* Implement dirty rectangles (low priority)
* Optimize segment mask redrawing (only redraw what's neccessary)
* Add movie playback functionality (movie format is known, needs implementing)
* Add sound support (after rewrite of the resource system)
* Still some clipping issues (walking upstairs in the saloon, when on top of the tower in the hideout)
* Add game menu
** Rewrite from scratch with only minor stuff from the disasm since the original menu is one huge
messy function
* Rewrite the resource system to something similar as used by M4
** each resource type gets its own class, the resource cache manages the resource instances
** generic resource class which has a method that creates a MemoryReadStream
** rewrite parts of the engine to use the new resource system
* Extend savegame format (savegame version, description, more data)

==External Links==
==External Links==