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* Images are displayed in-line with the following markup: <nowiki>[[Image:name.png|Alternate Text]]</nowiki>. PLEASE ALWAYS SPECIFY ALTERNATE TEXT unless the image is pure decoration.
* Uploaded media can be linked to (eg, not displayed inline) with the markup: <nowiki>[[media:name.jpg|Link Text]]</nowiki>
=== Lists ===
* Using '#' as the first non-whitespace char will make that line an ORDERED list item
* You can nest ('**' or '##') lists, as well as combine multiple types in nested lists ('#*#' for example)
=== Signatures and timestamps ===
When adding a comment to a Talk or TODO page, where the identity of the editor is required, use one of the following:
* <code><nowiki>~~~</nowiki></code> translates as a link to your user page.
* <code><nowiki>~~~~</nowiki></code> translates to your user name and the current date/time.
* <code><nowiki>~~~~~</nowiki></code> translates to the date/time.
=== Other Markup ===


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