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→‎How to triage bug reports: Corrected mistake - The trackers _DO_ notify by e-mail...
We do not have a formal project format and process for doing this, but the following are highly recommended guidelines for dealing with bugs and users reporting bugs:
* Some users prefer to ask informally in the [ Help and Support Forum] or in the IRC channel about a bug or problem they are having. As an admin or developer, please don't rebuke them for doing this. However, if their problem appears real and is not solved trivially/immediately, then politely suggest that they file a formal bug and link them to the [[Trackers |Bug Tracker]].
* The current [[Trackers]] do not have the ability to send notifications by e-mail or IRC based notifications on keywordsnew bugs to the [[Mailing lists#scummvm-tracker|scummvm-tracker mailing list]], which all developers should be subscribed to. However, so an admin this should not be completely relied upon for notification, especially if the "digest" option is chosen and admins should check the tracker periodically, preferably daily for any new bugs.
* New bugs should have at least a basic reply comment (preferably within a week), even if this is just thanking the bug submitter for the bug submission and indicating that it will take a little time to deal with.
* Any new bug should be assessed for the following:


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