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Update Myst TODO
== Main Mohawk TODO ==
=== Video ===
* Backwards playback/seeking
** Myst ME:
*** Myst Card 4113: Retracting weight in the clock tower
** Myst Original:
*** Stoneship Card 2138: Chest key animation with no chest present
*** Stoneship Card 2132: Chest valve animation when chest is empty
*** Channelwood Card 3385: Closing stairs upper door animation
* Playback at custom framerates - Needed for Myst Cabin Boiler videos.
* Some Cinepak frames have corruption.
** The Myst linking book video on D'ni has a corrupted Cinepak frame (data-wise). Right now, we just skip that frame (and throw a warning). It looks like QuickTime does this too.
** The CD (but ''not'' the DVD) version of Riven has at least two videos with a corrupt frame: the wood chipper (when power is directed elsewhere) and using the trap book before talking with Gehn (when not on Tay).
* Myst's fortress rotation holo-simulator requires playing QT movies with edit lists backwards.
* The last frame of some QT movies is not displayed.
== Myst TODO ==
* Improve SVQ1 color
** The current 410 algorithm results in color being "blocky" -- should switch to using linear interpolation
* Add more transitions* Add fading (Myst demo only)
* Add Help System (Myst ME only)
=== Stack TODO/Known Bugs ===
==== Myst Island ====
* Cabin boiler movie playback logic - card 4097, 4098
** This also requires QT movie playback at custom rates - See [[Mohawk/TODO#Video|above]]
* Myst ME lacks the weight going back up - Card 4113
** See [[Mohawk/TODO#Video|above]]
==== Channelwood ====
* Animation of closing stairs upper door incorrect - card 3385
** See [[Mohawk/TODO#Video|above]]
==== Mechanical ====
* Fortress rotation not working - complete opcode 205** See [[Mohawk/TODO#Video|above]]* Fortress rotation holo-simulator not working - complete opcode 206properly** See [[Mohawk/TODO#Video|above]] ==== Stoneship ====* Chest key animation Requires playing QT movies with no chest and opening chest valve when empty in the Stoneship lighthouse incorrect** edit lists backwards. See [[Mohawk/TODO#Video|above]]
== Riven TODO ==


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