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Compiling ScummVM/MinGW

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→‎Libraries needed: update and cleanup
* [ SDL 1.2].
** You need the latest Development Libraries file for Mingw32.
* [;O=D NASM] Optional, for faster compile of scalers
** You need the latest Win32 binary ([ 2.0910.1007] at the time of writing).
* [ FLAC]. Optional, for FLAC support
** You need the 1.1.3 source code, as later versions aren't supported under MinGW.
* [ libogg] and [ libvorbis] Optional, for OGG support
** You need the latest libogg and libvorbis (not vorbis) source code.
* [ libmad] Optional, for MP3 support
** You need the latest libmad source code.
* [ zlib]. Optional, for compressed saved games.
** You need the latest zlib source code.
* [ libtheora]. Optional, for Broken Sword 2.5.
** You need the latest libtheora source code. * [ libfaad2]. Optional, for AAC support.** You need the latest libfaad2 source code. * [ libpng]. Optional, for PNG support.** You need the latest libpng source code. * [ freetype]. Optional, for TTF support.** You need the latest freetype source code.
=== Precompiled libraries ===


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