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→‎Unofficial Platforms: Clarify status of third party Xbox build to avoid future user questions, support requests etc.
Some of them may even be rumors! Use them at your own risk!
* Microsoft Xbox (ancient)and Xbox 360 - Last release was v1.4.1.* Microsoft * This port was initially created using the leaked MS XDK by an unknown third party developer, and thus builds are not legally distributable. Even with a legal copy of the XDK, the license prohibits releasing binaries except as part of an official Xbox 360 (ancient; actually a game. See [ here] and [ here] for details.** A legal rewrite of ScummVM in as XNAhomebrew for the Xbox 360 was attempted later by another group, and but only a fraction of it was ever completed, to the best of our knowledge).** Currently no port using the [ OpenXDK] has been attempted.
* [ RISC OS V4 to 6] - Latest build is v1.3.1. Previous builds of v.1.0.0, v0.8.0 and an earlier port build of 0.5.0 are also available.
* [ Original 68K Amigas].


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