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added known sq6 timer issues
* As far as I know, the only timer problem in Space Quest 5 is the EVA scene were you need to rescue Cliffy with the pod. The controls are very hard to handle because the ship moves too fast. Normally, this puzzle is already very hard. Not only is it already fast, but you have little fuel. This puzzle requires some mouse skills, so don't whine if it doesn't work right from the start.
* I've spotted some small animation problems, most notably the GradeMaster 2000 sequence. Maybe some scrolling screens effects are eliminated by timer problems, but so far I haven't found any.
== Space Quest 6 ==
'''Not Yet Fixed'''
* You won't be able to get the Endodroid Runner guy to talk with you. Later on, you'll find Elmo and bump into the same problem. Normally you just have to talk to them twice, but Roger only says "Hey" and they walk away without talking back.
* Probably THE most notorious bug of the entire Space Quest series; the Error 47, aka the Compost Crash™ and Sickbay Sickness™. It happens when you try to use the datacard in the ComPost in Sickbay. The game will crash and output: "Error 47: Not an object: $0 script 64994/$f29".
* If the game scrolls, it scrolls to a black screen, leaving you impossible to interact with the game.
Note: SQ1/SQ4/SQ5 were taken from [] and can also be found at [ the Space Quest wiki], PQ1, PQ3 and QfG1VGA were taken from [].


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