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== Police Quest 1 ==
* When putting away your gun at the Jail (Room 34) while going to offer a deal to Marie Wilkans, if you close the locker when the gun is inside, or if you double click your gun on the locker, ScummVM errors out (at that point, the gun object seems to be disposed and is referenced again by the scripts). You need to be quick to close the locker (it closes almost instantly) or just double click - {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=30369335044}}
* The game freezes after arresting kid (Victor Simms) for possession of narcotics and escorting him out of Bert's Park.
* The game locks up after the drug deal in the park.
'''Not yet fixed'''
* Sometimes under specific conditions, Sonny gets stuck in the briefing room when instructed to sit down - {{BugTrackBugTrackSF|numid=34206695865}}
== Police Quest 2 ==


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