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== Notes on CD mastering ==
Some games (e.g. [[SPY Fox 1: Dry Cereal]]) use filenames which are incompatible with the ISO 9660 filesystem standard. Because the Dreamcast port does not support filename extensions like RockRidge or Joliet, the CD mastering software needs to be instructed not to mangle the filenames to comply to ISO 9660, or the engine will not be able to open the files. In the case of <tt>mkisofs</tt>, this can be achieved by using the <tt>-relaxed-filenames</tt> option to allow any ASCII character in filenames, <tt>-d</tt> option to omit trailing periods from filenames with no suffix (violates ISO9660) and <tt>-l</tt> to allow filenames of up to 31 characters in length. For other authoring software, please consult your user manual.
Since the v1.2.1 release, the combined size of the engine plugins is larger than the available memory and thus a disc including all plugins will not work correctly. Only include the plugins for the engines needed when mastering a CD.


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