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→‎How to add new team members: Minor updates including addition of new developers to Github group.
Adding new members involves the following things (list may not be complete):
* Point out some important rules: follow the [[Code Formatting Conventions]], don't break other people's builds with your commits, ..etc.* Ensure they are subscribed to scummvm-develmailing list and suggest subscribing to scummvm-cvs-logs list (commit notifications) as well
* Add them to as project members
** Make sure to also setup appropriate tracker access levels
** Point them to the tracker admin HOWTO below
* Add them to Github as project members.
* Forum: if they have a forum account, make sure it is in group "ScummVM Team"
* Wiki: Make sure they have an account
* Ask them to write an Introduction email to scummvm-devel* ...mailing list
== How to edit/update webpages ==


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