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developer=[[User:somaen|somaen]], [[User:t0by|t0by]]|
companies=[[Dead:Code Software]]|
usedBy=[[Wintermute/Games|Dozens of games]]|
The lead developer rewrote the runtime interpreter to make it a bit portable in 2011, for the 2D part of the engine only.
This engine was added by the [[Summer of Code|GSoC]] student [[User:somaen|somaen]] to ScummVM as part of the [[Summer of Code/GSoC2012#Wintermute integration in ScummVM|GSoC 2012]]. Its functionality is being was extended by the GSOC student [[User:t0by|t0by]] as part of the [[Summer of Code/GSoC2013#Improving Wintermute Engine|GSoC 2013]].
Once complete, this engine would add support to more than fifty 2D games, would give the users a nice way to create games supported by ScummVM, and would bring to Dead:Code the portability they are dreaming of.


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