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Sometimes source code is available - in recent summers, students integrated code supporting games such as [[Sfinx]], [[The Prince and the Coward]] and [[Avalanche]] into ScummVM. In fact, our support for the [[Wintermute]] engine was not only started by a GSoC student, who integrated the code into our tree, but also [[Wintermute/Games|drastically improved]] by another student a year later.
[[File:GSOC_EMI.png|160px]] [[File:GSOC_zvision.png|152px160px]] [[File:GSOC_EMI_asm.png|146px160px]]
A more challenging (but hopefully rewarding) idea is to start (or continue) reverse engineering a game where no source is available. Two good examples are the pair of students who drastically improved ResidualVM's support for Escape from Monkey Island, and the work on improving [[Operation Stealth]]. Another option is to work on merging someone else's reverse engineering work, such as was done with the [[ZVision]] engine.
=== Wintermute 3D ===
Technical contacts: [[User:somaen|Einar Johan Trøan Sømåen]], [[User:aquadran|Paweł Kołodziejski]]
Difficulty level: Medium/hard. You'll need to be able to understand 3D graphics, and rearchitecture/design the relevant parts of the engine.
In 2012, support for games using the Wintermute engine was merged into ScummVM, but it still lacks support for games which use 3D graphics. It would be great to be able to play these games in ResidualVM!


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