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:* "Write documentation for the new interfaces."
:* "Improve performance in this game scene by 20%."
: Make sure there is a clearly visible set of '''goals''' that need to be accomplished for your project to be considered successful. You might also want to list additional "stretch" goals you plan to accomplish in the course of your project if everything goes better than expected!
: Finally, be sure to describe some '''milestones''', your high-level targets for the project. A milestone should be connected to the progress/accomplishment of goals. You should, at the very least, define 2 (two) milestones here. Again, describe the milestones and elaborate on your reasons for defining exactly these milestones. When you plan to accomplish the milestones will be handled in the schedule and not here.
* ''Project Schedule''
: Your summer work on your project will last for 12 weeks. Create a proposed schedule with a granularity of weeks. This schedule should (among other things) explain how long each of your goals is planned to take, and you should connect the weeks to the Summer of Code schedule, i.e. clearly make the start, mid-term evaluations, etc. visible.: Obviously we want to see a connection between your goals and your schedule: try to elaborate why you think X takes time Y and what possible issues might arise here. Obviously your Your schedule will probably change once you've started working on your project, so we want to know what kind of risks and problems you think might cause such changes.
: Last but not least, put a fixed date for each milestone you defined here. We want at least one milestone before the mid-term.
* ''Availability''
: How many hours per week can you spend working on this? What other obligations do you have this summer? It isfine if you have exams or vacations planned, but explain how you plan to adapt your schedule around this.
* ''Phone Number''
: Cellular is preferable, for emergency contacts.
* ''Timezone''
: Which hours of the day will you be available? This is important because we want to match this up to our mentors' schedule schedules where possible.
* ''Bio''
: The two main questions you should answer here are:
:* Who are you?
:* What makes you the best person to work on this project?
: Make sure you fill this with some background. We would like to know your university year for example. Also, explain what attracts you to ScummVM in general , and to your project in specificspecifically. What experience do you have with C++ or other languages required in your project? Have you taken university courses which you think will be helpful? Have you worked on any projects we can take a look at? Do you think you will learn anything from your proposed project?
* ''Pull Request''
: A link to the pull request you submitted as part of our [[Summer of Code/Project Rules | Project Rules]]


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