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Compiling ScummVM/MinGW

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==== Download ====
'''Download''' and '''execute''' the MSYS2 bundle for your architecture: from [https 64-bithere] or [ 32-bit]
==== Update the core of MSYS2 ====
In order to compile properly the project utilizes Makefiles, which are build configuration files that the compiler uses to compile, link and solve dependencies. "make" is the software that runs the Makefiles.
MSYS2 does not support make out of the box, but it has it's its own implementation. Install it by typing:
<syntax type="bash">
where <env> is the environment as previously stated, and <library> is the name of the library, as stated in the list (e.g. pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL):
* [ '''SDL] ''' Mandatory.
* [http://www.''';O=D nasm] ''' Optional, for faster compile of scalers.
* [http://''' flac]'''. Optional, for FLAC support.
* [ '''libogg] ''' and [ '''libvorbis] ''' Optional, for OGG support.
* [ '''libmad] ''' Optional, for MP3 support.
* [http://''' libmpeg2] ''' Optional, for MPEG2 cutscene support.
* [http://www.''' zlib]'''. Optional, for compressed saved games.
* [ '''libtheora]'''. Optional, for Broken Sword 2.5.
* [ '''libfaad2]'''. Optional, for AAC support.
* [http://www.''' libpng]'''. Optional, for PNG support.
* ['''freetype/ freetype]'''. Optional, for TTF support.
* ['''fluidsynth fluidsynth]'''. Optional, for soundfont MIDI support.
=== Let's get compiling! ===


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