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→‎Administration: Update config update steps for new buildbot.
sudo -s
/etc/init.d/buildslave stop
/etc/init.d/buildbot buildmaster stopcd ~buildbot/scummvm-sitessudo -u buildbotgit pull--ff-only/etc/init.d/buildbot buildmaster start
/etc/init.d/buildslave start
If problems arise, check if all files in the master (~buildbot/scummvm-master) and slave (~buildbot/scummvm-slave) directories are owned by the correct user (buildbot:nogroupbuildbot). If the daemons were incorrectly started, new files might have been created under another user account. In that case:
* stop the daemons (see above)
* fix the permissions with
<source lang="bash">
chown -R buildbot:nogroup buildbot ~buildbot/scummvm-master/*chown -R buildbot:nogroup buildbot ~buildbot/scummvm-slave/*
* start the daemons


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