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→‎Configuring ScummVM: Remove note about dispmanx option which does not exist anymore.
Now we configure scummvm buildsystem so it knows what backend we want and where is our raspberry pi local sysroot living, containing the Raspberry Pi headers and libs the cross-compiler and linker will need. In this example configuration, we disable additional libs, and debug symbols since it's intended for final users.
Depending on whether we want dispmanx support, we would pass the --enable-dispmanx parameter to the configure script.
For example, we would run configure like this to build scummvm with dispmanx support enabled:
./configure --host=raspberrypi --with-sdl-prefix=$RPI_ROOT/usr --disable-debug --enable-release --enable-optimizations --disable-mt32emu --disable-flac --disable-mad --disable-vorbis --disable-tremor --disable-fluidsynth --disable-taskbar --disable-timidity --disable-alsa


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