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Compiling ScummVM/MinGW-w64

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==== Download and install the mingw-w64 compilation toolchain====
In the MSYS2 terminal, type:
<syntax typesource lang="bash">
$> pacman -S mingw-w64-<env>-toolchain
where <env> is either x86_64 or i686, depending on your architecture (64-bit and 32-bit, respectively).
MSYS2 does not support make out of the box, but it has its own implementation. Install it by typing:
<syntax typesource lang="bash">
$> pacman -S make
=== Install the needed libraries ===
In order to compile properly, ScummVM needs you to have certain libraries installed. All the libraries in the list can be installed with similar commands:
<syntax typesource lang="bash">
$> pacman -S mingw-w64-<env>-<library>
where <env> is the environment as previously stated, and <library> is the name of the library, as stated in the list (e.g. pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL):
Finally, we are ready to compile the project!
To do that, just open a MSYS2 console, [ navigate] to the source folder where you have cloned scummvm.git, and type the following commands:
<syntax typesource lang="bash">
$> ./configure # Executes a bash script that helps you configure.
$> make # Executes the make program, which triggers the compilation.
If everything went well, you should have a big executable in the compilation folder, named scummvm.exe. The size of the executable comes from the debug symbols embedded in the file, so you can run the following command to shrink it:
<syntax typesource lang="bash">
$> strip scummvm.exe
== Ready to go! ==


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