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Quest for Glory III

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'''Quest for Glory III: Wages of War''' is the third game in the [[Quest for Glory series]]. In this adventure/RPG hybrid game, Rakeesh the Paladin sends the hero of Shapeir to his jungle homeland of Tarna, where war is about to erupt between the tribe of the Simbani and the Leopardmen. Both people have stolen items from the other, and refused refuse to return them. It is up to the hero to prevent the a war and to ultimately stop a demon wizard.
It is possible to import a user character from the previous Quest for Glory games into Quest for Glory III and continue from the stats earned from those games. If you want to use a saved character from the original sierra interpreter, you will need to rename the character file to "qfg2-[chractercharacter-filename]", otherwise the file wont won't get listed on the import screen.
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