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Remove some obsolete TODO items
* Add port specific user documentation (dreamcast/palm especially). That would include things like:
** How to use ScummVM on system XYZ
** Which Palm / WinCE devices will run ScummVM, which definitely will not run it (or with which limitations)?
* Update/enhance man page
* Write a high level overview of how ScummVM and its engines work?
* Add big (green?) shiny buttons in the middle of the page for (1) Donations and (2) Downloads ?
* Show "Release Date" on download page
* Use Javascript to improve the downloads page, by only showing the most important ports/downloads by default, and then uncovering the rest upon a click by the user (with gracious fallback if Javascript is disabled). A first draft of something like this can be seen on
* Change all screenshot filenames to match our rules as described [[Screenshots|here]]. E.g. rename <code>data/screenshots/agos/simon/scummvm_2_4_0.jpg</code> to <code>data/screenshots/agos/simon/simon-0.jpg</code> etc.; also some stuff should maybe be moved to other directories.
=== SDL backend ===
* Right now, the WinCE and the Symbian backend subclasses the regular SDL backend. They both overload a lot of methods (mostly the graphics stuff). Since graphics.cpp uses the scalers (e.g. hq3x), these derived backends carry that baggage around, too, even though they don't need that code. Idea: split the SDL backend into two classes, one base class which only has the code which is used by all subclasses; and a "desktop" subclass, which implements the rest. Then WinCE/Symbian would only subclass the "base" SDL class.
=== WinCE backend ===
* Improve the code in <code>backends/platform/wince/CEScaler.cpp</code>, it could be a lot faster with some simple changes.
=== Windows ===


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