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name=PlayStation Vita|
backend=psp2+ sdl|
ScummVM has been ported to the [[Sony]] PlayStation Vita by Cpasjuste. The information contained on this page is based on [].
== Installation ===== Prerequisites ===* A homebrew enabled PlayStation Vita console. Detailed jailbreaking instructions can be found online.
* At least one ScummVM supported game. The list of compatible games can be seen here:
* The page [[Where to get the games]] references some places where those games can be bought. Demonstration versions for most of the supported games are downloadable on
=== Installing ===
* From a computer, download the installable release package [https{{StableVersion}}/scummvm-{{StableVersion}}-vita.0vpk here].0* Alternatively, the latest nightly version with lots of improvements is [ zip here](needs to be unzipped).* Copy the .vpk file to the PlayStation Vita and install itusing Vitashell like any other homebrew.
== Configuring Games ==
Saves are written to the ux0:/data/scummvm/saves folder.
== Controls = = {{VitaControls}}
{| class="wikitable"! Button !! Action|-|Left stick||Mouse|-|R + Left stick||Slow Mouse|-|Cross||Left mouse button|-|Circle||Right mouse button|-|DPad||Cursor Keys (useful for character motion)|-|R + DPad||Diagonal Cursor Keys|-|L Trigger||Game menu (F5)|-|R Trigger||Shift (used to enable Mass Add in menu)|-|Square||Period '.' (used to skip dialog lines)|-|R + Square||Space ' '|-|Triangle||Escape (used to skip cutscenes)|-|R + Triangle||Return|-|Start||ScummVM's global in-game menu|-|Select||Toggle virtual keyboard|-|R + Select||AGI predictive input dialog|} = Building From Source ==
This port of ScummVM to the Vita is based on SDL2. It uses the open source SDK VITASDK.
* zlib, libpng, libjpeg-turbo, libogg, libvorbis, flac, curl, openssl, freetype, from
* libmad from
* SDL2 from
* ScummVM from
* The fbo branch of libvita2d from , copied under new names libvita2d_fbo.a in $VITASDK/arm-vita-eabi/lib and vita2d_fbo.h in $VITASDK/arm-vita-eabi/include. The renaming is necessary to prevent conflict with the official vita2d lib that comes with the VitaSDK.
Once all the dependencies are correctly setup, an installable package can be obtained from source by issuing the following command:
<source syntaxhighlight lang="shbash">
./configure --host=psp2 && make psp2vpk
== Disclaimer ==
Unauthorized distribution of an installable package with non freeware games included is a violation of the copyright law and is as such forbidden.
== Thanks ==
* Xavier from consoleX for donating a ps vita device
* xerpi for initial SDL2 port
* VITASDK and henkaku developers


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