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Set Channel Password for IRC Channel
{{Infobox Project Service Information|
purpose=Provides a place for developers and users to meet and discuss|
maintainer=Eugene Sandulenko ([[User:Sev|Sev]])
For all kinds of live discussions we use [irc:// #scummvm] @ [] IRC channel. The channel has a password set to "scummvm" to prevent general spambots from joining the channel as has happened in the past. All ScummVM developers get an operator status there, so if you have some questions, talk to them. There are several notes about usage of this medium:
* IRC is not the best place for informing everyone about some important development conclusions. I.e. when you discussed something and came up with a solution, it's best to e-mail results to [[Mailing lists#scummvm-devel|scummvm-devel]]. That is, don't expect everyone in the team to know that you uttered something at #scummvm.


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