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'''Alternatively''', you may use the [[User_Manual/Appendix:_Tools#pack_bladerunner|'pack_bladerunner' utility from the tools package]] ''to create a single ''HDFRAMES.DAT'' file from the partial CDFRAMES.DAT files located on the four CDs''; this newly created ''HDFRAMES.DAT'' file should then be copied in the game directory.
For '''subtitles support''', you may download the SUBTITLES.MIX file provided by ScummVM and put it in the game directory. Currently, the provided file will work with the English version all available and supported localized versions of the gamebut will only show English subtitles in all of them. However, other localized versions of the subtitles (and the game's user interface) should also be supported. ScummVM offers a semi-automated process to pack a localized transcript from an Excel file (of appropriate structure) into a SUBTITLES.MIX file. This process, along with usage instructions for the ScummVM developer tools involved, is described in detail on a [ ScummVM GitHub page].
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