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Blade Runner

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* actorId - id of actor, 0 - player, list is available here []
* sentenceId - id of the sentence to say, list does not exist but values can be derived from all the scene and actors scripts available here []
=== subtitle ===
Show a specific sentence as a subtitle. This requires subtitles to be enabled and active (subtitle fonts have to be loaded).
subtitle (<sentenceText> | info | reset)
* sentenceText - The text to be displayed as a subtitle
* info - Information about the subtitles system (if available)
* reset - Clear the currently displayed subtitle
=== mazeScore ===
Displays the current score for McCoy during the shooting range section. McCoy needs to be in the shooting range.
mazeScore toggle
The command will toggle between "ON" (displaying the maze score) and "OFF" modes.
=== vk ===
Toggle playing the full VK session instead of at most 10 questions in normal gameplay. Also, toggle showing VK statistics for the current session. Usage of this command is only available within a Voigt-Kampff session.
vk (full | stats)
* full - Toggle between a full or normal VK session.
* stats - Toggle displaying statistics of the VK test as subtitles.
=== click ===
Toggle showing mouse info (on mouse click) in the text console. The text console has to be enabled, in order to view the output for this command
click toggle
The command will toggle between "ON" (displaying mouse click info) and "OFF" modes.
=== timer ===


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